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since 2001, thousands of users have relied on bidslammer as their ebay auction sniper to win for less. to date, bidslammer has successfully sniped tens of millions of auctions on ebay. bidslammer is an ebay bid placement service. we allow you to secretly arrange a bid for an ebay auction up to 1 second before closing.

you avoid overpaying in bidding wars and won’t ever lose an auction because you forgot to go in and manually place the bid at the last minute. an auction sniper takes away the frustration of bidding wars and frees you from having to remember to go in and bid at the last second manually. any ebay power buyer will tell you the only way to guarantee a win is to be there at the last second, to hide your interest and avoid emotional price escalation by you and other bidders. this is how we guarantee the highest degree of accuracy in the ebay auction sniping business.

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with constructconnect match score, set your preferences and we’ll rate each project in your bid board. immediately see which projects present the best opportunity for you. go from receiving a bid invite to reviewing project details and documents with your estimators to performing digital takeoffs—in under 90 seconds. as part of the constructconnect platform, bid center integrates with project intelligence and constructconnect takeoff to provide you with the tools to find, bid, and win more work. sign up to receive our free newsletters containing canadian construction and design news, analysis and featured projects. © 2024 constructconnect canada, inc. all rights reserved. the following rules apply to the user of this site: master subscription agreement, terms and conditions of acceptable use, copyright notice, accessibility and privacy statement

your supporters can easily browse, favorite, and track items they’re interested in. seamlessly add, categorize, and manage auction and buy-now items. our systems ensure your auction runs smooth as butter and free of spam. auction pages automatically update in real time, letting participants see all new bids and items as they go live, all without ever having to refresh a page. “the event went well, and the items we listed on the online auction sold for more money than in previous years! additionally, we received an extra $1k in donations by posting the campaign with the auction online. bidders can specify a max bid amount, allowing for bids to automatically be made in the configurable bid increments up to a bidder’s max bid amount.

sell a handful of items or hundreds—our auction platform is built for scale and can handle high volumes of bidding activity in real time. as a one-stop shop for nonprofits, it can replace a crm tool, a text blast tool, a ticketing platform, and more. create your free account to get unlimited access to givebutter’s auction solution. to learn more about how to set up your first auction, check out our help center. if you’d prefer to disable tips, enable auto-charge, or manually charge winners via the dashboard, a 5% platform fee applies instead. ???? with givebutter, you can run an in-person or online charity auction—or a hybrid of the two! you can auction physical items, digital downloads, experiences, gift cards, and so much more. check out our bid & butter demo auction or watch the video walkthrough explaining givebutter’s auction tools below:

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earn all proceeds above the cost of the item and as a donation is built into the starting bid, you are guaranteed a minimum of 10% profit.view and click to add your chosen items from your auction dashboard. it is different to a live auction where the bidding takes place in a venue and people raise their hands or ‘paddle’ to make a bid. the galabid silent auction online software includes easy to use custom design features, enabling you to create a dedicated free online auction site, exclusively for your cause. online access extends the reach of your silent auction fundraising campaign and the time supporters have to bid, a winning combination to help you raise more. fire-up the excitement with a countdown timer and donation visualizer to track progress towards your auction fundraising target. at any moment i had a question and posted in the chat, they were there to help me!

if you know someone who is hosting or participating in an auction on galabid, contact them to request the auction link. a silent auction is run on paper or online where bidders enter their bid amount and do so each time they are outbid. this will activate a countdown timer on the campaign for your participants to view also. they will be sent a payment link from the platform which they can select their registered card to pay. the galabid platform is free to use. to use the galabid platform, you pay a fixed percentage of the funds raised from your fundraising campaign.