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a bid package is term used to describe all the documents that are necessary in order to respond to and participate in what is known as an invitation to bid. along with the bid form, a range of documents that support the information contained on that main form will also be included. the concept of a bid package is also used in a number of other business settings. here the goal is to provide the potential bidders with the opportunity to provide specific information requested, and in a format that makes comparison and qualification of the various bids received somewhat easier to manage.

some companies choose to use invitations to bid as a means of identifying several potential vendors, who upon submitting bid packages that are in compliance with the customer’s request for information are then invited to submit formal proposals for consideration. at other times, the packages themselves are used as the basis for establishing the working relationship, using the pricing quoted in the bid package as the basis for creating a contractual agreement between the customer and the vendor who is selected. after many years in the teleconferencing industry, michael decided to embrace his passion for trivia, research, and writing by becoming a full-time freelance writer. there ought to be a widely accepted rule that bid packages are sealed until they are presented to the person or committee who will make the final decision about which bid to accept. it is in the best interest of an organization to have neutral parties review and accept bids.

bid package overview

procore’s bidding tool allows companies to distribute bid documents, manage bid lists, and invite bidders via email. once invited, bidders can log in to procore to retrieve bid documents and submit their bid. for new projects using bid management enhanced experience, the ‘bid sheet accounting method’ and ‘disable itemized bidding’ settings are no longer available. instead of being restricted to one accounting method for an entire bid package, you have the flexibility to choose an accounting method for each line item in the ‘field response type’ column on bid forms. for more information, see bidding: flexible response types. note: we recommend creating a designated folder in the project’s documents tool to upload bid documents to (for example, ‘bid documents’). see create a folder. you can create unlimited subfolders for each bid package and upload the relevant documents into each area. see upload bid documents or upload files or folders to the project level documents tool.

single-stage selective tendering is a process in which the owner selects a few contractors and invites them to bid for a construction project. in this type of tendering, some contractors are selected in the prequalification stage and asked to submit bids. a bid invitation is a process of advertising the tender and inviting the interested contractors to participate in a construction bid for executing a project. in contract formation, all the legal documentations are completed and the terms of the construction projects are finalized before procurement of the contract to the contractor. this contract is similar to the lump sum contract, but the detailed schedule of items and quantities are also mentioned in the contract.

the contract agreement includes a detailed schedule of all the items and materials to be used, their quantities, and so on. of the staff working on the project. it includes the information about the category of work to be done, the per month rate of the work, and the total quoted cost of the work for a year. it is necessary that all the documents of a bid package are true and subject to the terms and conditions. study smarter access to millions of step-by step textbook solutions, our q&a library, and ai powered math solver.

bid package format

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bid package guide

creating bid packages from scratch or from a template requires similar steps. building bid packages manually for each job is an option, but it is recommended that bid package templates are created in order for you to alleviate repetitive creation of the same bid packages. having bid packages already created with trade partners that regularly bid on your jobs will expedite your bidding process. not to mention, every piece of information is logged within buildertrend. click the button below to access the bids section of the buildertrend learning academy and become an expert in the feature today. the buildertrend learning academy is your one-stop-shop for your online education, whether you’re new to buildertrend or an experienced user looking to learn more. if you have any questions or require additional support, feel free to chat with us, send an email:, or give us a call at 1-888-415-7149. we’re always happy to help.