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they’re a fun and engaging way for people to support your organization. if you’ve decided to organize a silent auction at your next event, you’ll need to think about how you want people to bid on the items they’re interested in. you can invest in a mobile bidding platform, which many guests find convenient because they don’t have to leave their seats or line up to place a bid. if you’re looking for a ready-made bid sheet you can use at your next silent auction, we’ve put together a free printable template you can use. a silent auction bid sheet is a piece of paper that allows guests to place bids on an auction item.

when the auction is over, the organizers can look at the latest bid to determine the winner. however, there are certain pieces of information you can include on your bid sheets to make sure that your auction runs smoothly, and that everyone involved has a positive experience. this will make it easy and enjoyable for your guests to participate in the auction, and it’ll also help you stay organized when it comes to a close. looking for more tips and advice on how to organize a silent auction for your nonprofit? it will help you plan, promote, and successfully execute a fun, engaging event and generate much-needed revenue for your organization.

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with a shift in the nonprofit industry to virtual fundraising, we’ll even explore online auctions and how to bring your silent auction bid sheets digital. the silent auction bid sheet allows auction organizers to track the bids and revenue throughout the duration of the auction. mobile bidding allows your nonprofit to put the auction in the palm of every donors’ hand, making it so much easier for a nonprofit to track and record auction winners. with mobile bidding, your supporters can stay connected to the bidding (and the other areas of your fundraising) via automated outbid alerts.

the whirlwind of an auction can leave the nonprofit scrambling to maintain silent auction bid sheets, satisfy attendee requests, organize registration and check out, and manage all things to guarantee the event goes off without a hitch. with the shift in the nonprofit industry to virtual fundraising, nonprofits have been looking to mobile bidding solutions to replace sample bid sheets. show your donors you value their time by using mobile bidding software to speed up your check in and check out, so they can enjoy the event! to make check-out a breeze for you and your bidders, look for mobile bidding software that contains the following features: although they get the job done, silent auction bid sheets may be holding you back from new donors, more revenue, and better donor experience.

from blank templates to formats that are detailed for construction and contractor proposal. if yes, then complete your application for any open bidding or silent auction when you use any of our bid sheet templates. at pro, all our sheet template are 100% customizable and expertly written to match different bid jobs you may be working on. a bid sheet is a document that lists down all the tasks needed to complete a project or job. a good bid sheet should be readable and provide accurate information to help a client make a better decision in choosing which contractor or team to work with. in this article, however, we are focusing more on bid forms created and used in the construction industry.

as a contractor or business owner, it is in your best interest to hone your bidding skills and get as many clients as you can. to create a winning bid sheet, a thorough understanding of the project is necessary. now that you know what the project is for, begin listing down all the tasks needed to complete a project. a good bid sheet should be specific enough to include a project timeline. you may use a gantt chart to assist you with your timeline. the only difference is that the bid price will be the amount that you charge a client. talk with your team or talk with the client to determine if you can deliver a more personalized and better level of service without decreasing your bid price.

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keeping track of bids during a silent auction can get complicated. from starting bids to bid increments, keeping all of your auction bids in order can be a monumental task, especially when the bidding gets heated. another way to keep your bid sheets simple is to use silent auction software to keep track of your guests’ bids. while a bid sheet can technically just be a blank sheet of paper, it’s best to include certain pieces of information on your bid sheets and keep your bid sheets organized to ensure your auction runs smoothly.

once you’ve provided all of your item information, you’ll need to leave room on your bid sheets for your auction guests to make their bids. if you won’t be assigning numbers, adding columns for your bidders’ names and contact information on your bid sheets can help you keep track of your auction winners and get items to the right people once your auction has closed. when your guests are ready to bid on items, they can walk around to each item they’re interested in and make a bid from there. to avoid having to give explanations multiple times, try adding a sample bid to the top of all of your bid sheets that your guests can follow when placing their own bids. by proactively checking bid sheets, you’ll avoid any confusion throughout the night from competing bidders and once you collect bid sheets at the conclusion of your auction.