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oracle business process composer and oracle bpm studio users can share projects using the oracle bpm repository. oracle business process composer allows you to create and edit human tasks. business components are complex data types that you use to create the data structures required in your oracle bpm application. you can use oracle business process composer to create and edit business catalog components. you can add human tasks to your business process by using the user task. table 5-1 lists the components of the business catalog and shows which components can be created or edited using oracle business process composer.

click the snapshots link to open the snapshot dialog where you can create and view the snapshots for this bpm project. you can use the process editor to view and edit business processes. to access the data associations editor, right-click a flow object within your business process and select data associations. oracle business process composer has an error browser for the project and one for each process. process designers can use guided business processes to direct process participants to complete a business process through a set of guided steps associated with the process. use oracle business process composer to define the roles used by your bpm project.

you create new projects in business process composer and edit them in oracle bpm studio to develop the process implementation. each bpm project contains one or more business process and may include other resources used by the business processes or overall application. human tasks: includes the human tasks used to implement the interactive activities of the bpmn process in the bpm project. organization: includes the organization elements used to mimic the organizational structure of your organization within bpmn process models. in addition to business catalog, the bpm project contains simulations, organization model and xslt mapping etc each of these resources are accessible from the projects section in the applications window. oracle bpm uses the process asset manager (pam) repository to share projects and project templates between other oracle bpm studio and business process composer users.

the process asset manager provides a unified source for the development of processes across business process composer and oracle bpm studio. the new project is created and appears in the applications window. you can open an oracle bpm project directly from the file system. it is not copied to the oracle jdeveloper working directory. after you export an oracle bpm project from oracle bpm studio or oracle business business process composer, you can import it back to oracle bpm studio. this enables you to share projects directly from a file system instead of using oracle bpm mds.

bpm projects is an agile and high-quality specialist consultant for project management and engineering services in the energy and mining industries. a bpm project is the core element of an oracle bpm application. bpm projects contain the resources used to create and support a business application. a bpm project is a container for the resources used to create and support business applications created using oracle bpm. you create new projects in, bpm, bpm.

bpm projects is an agile and high-quality specialist consultant for project management and engineering services in the energy and mining industries. we specialise in multi-discipline engineering and design coupled with robust project management. bpm projects is the business process management (bpm) consulting firm for your small-to-medium business. when you need help with project management, bpm projects offers business process management services to clients across the united states. staffed with certified project managers, business process need the complete information regarding business process management, .

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