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you also know how crucial it is for your business to get the sponsorship it needs. when your target audience is a match with your sponsors’, the latter will be more likely to pitch in and help you meet your sponsorship sales goals. this should include you may also want to include some more background on the initiative (assuming it’s not a first-time event), and some info on you and your team’s background when it comes to event planning. this could come in the form of food and beverage, printed signage, photo booths, entertainment, or anything else you might need to make your event a success. here are a few strategies and selling points to consider: you should maintain the ability to customize your proposal for each potential sponsor.

you can do this by opening your proposal with a personalized cover letter and highlighting the things that will be most compelling to the individual reading your proposal. when deciding what goes into a sponsorship package, focus on the sponsors you hope to secure. using this information, adjust the pricing you hear to cover your offering. this is where you can get creative and encourage your sponsors to add that special spark that will make your initiative stand out. take what you learn from each proposal, and your success rate will continue to increase.

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but how do you approach potential sponsors and convince them to invest in your event? before you start writing your proposal, you need to do some research on your target sponsors. the next step is to define what benefits you can offer to your sponsors in exchange for their support. be specific and realistic about what you can deliver, and use data and testimonials to back up your claims. when looking to secure sponsors for your event, you need to create a sponsorship package that outlines the different levels and types of sponsorship opportunities available.

additionally, it should have a table of contents to guide the sponsor through the sections, along with a personalized letter that introduces yourself and your organization and explains why you are seeking their sponsorship. moreover, it should have a compelling case for sponsorship with your value proposition and expected outcomes. to ensure a successful presentation, it’s important to be prepared and confident by reviewing your proposal beforehand and anticipating any questions or objections that the sponsor might have. it’s also important to be enthusiastic and passionate about your event, conveying how much you value the sponsor’s partnership. finally, be proactive and follow up with a thank-you note after presenting your proposal.

the thinking behind this is that the sponsor will get some kind of buzz that you went to the trouble. providing an executive summary is a dead-set guarantee that they won’t read the rest of the proposal. solution: include a one-page overview, but this is an overview of what you’re asking them to sponsor, not an overview of the sponsorship. the intent is clearly to convey a sense of credibility, but it’s really not helping you. you can always add a line in your covering note or at the end of the proposal to say that your event is spearheaded by a great executive team, and to find out more about them and the board, they can visit your website. if you’re a charity and you include this information, the inference is that it will be deductible as a donation.

the implication is that by sponsoring your property, the sponsor is going to seem altruistic, and that this should be a driver of their decision. if a sponsor needs to build alignment, for instance, you should know that and create a proposal that shows them how they can use the sponsorship to achieve that – a specific, customised proposal, because this has nothing to do with ticking a box. if your proposal has any of the above, you’re doing yourself and your property a disservice. a good resource for that is the sponsorship seeker’s toolkit 4th edition. you should also read how a great sponsorship proposal follows a hollywood story arc, and check out sponsorship proposal basics in about 15 minutes. get your hands on a copy of the bestselling bibles of the sponsorship industry, chock full of how-to, case studies, tools, and templates

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you don’t ask, you don’t get – but just make sure you take the time to plan a sponsorship proposal that maximizes your chances of them saying yes. the aim of a sponsorship proposal is to try and convince the potential sponsor to invest their time, resources, and creativity into your brand or project. with the right social influencer, you can promote your products/services to your target audience on channels they spend huge amounts of time on. building a real emotional connection with your audience is the key to enticing consumers to invest their money in you.

here are four steps on how to write a sponsorship proposal that’s successful. next, you need to decide who you want as a sponsor. what to include in a sponsorship proposal varies on the nature of your request, but the typical sponsorship proposal design goes something like this: a mission statement and details of everything that’s required from them, ie. for example, highlight a certain piece of content of theirs that stands out to you. a sponsorship proposal should be personal and include all the relevant details that the potential sponsor needs to make up their mind about whether to accept or not.