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in the case of a mixed competing business acquisition, the terms of the competing business offer shall include (x) a price that reflects comcast’s reasonable good faith determination of the portion of the aggregate purchase price paid by comcast or its affiliate in the mixed competing business acquisition that was attributable to the company principal business included in such mixed competing business acquisition and (y) other commercially reasonable arm’s length terms.

unless otherwise required by applicable law, the offer shall specify an expiration date (the “expiration date”) of the offer to purchase which shall be, subject to any contrary requirements of applicable law, not less than 30 days or more than 60 days after the date of such offer and a settlement date (the “purchase date”) for purchase of securities within five business days after the expiration date. home business means a business, service or profession carried out in a dwelling or on land around a dwelling by an occupier of the dwelling which – hostile acquisition means (a) the acquisition of the equity interests of a person through a tender offer or similar solicitation of the owners of such equity interests which has not been approved (prior to such acquisition) by the board of directors (or any other applicable governing body) of such person or by similar action if such person is not a corporation and (b) any such acquisition as to which such approval has been withdrawn.

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​[] is always on the lookout to partner with or acquire small businesses or business ideas that show vast potential, are ripe for improvement, or those that set out to solve a particular problem. if you accept our proposal, we will begin to discuss the details of the business sale and the business plan with the respective business owners. ​[]’s aim has always been to protect the mission and vision of the people that created a particular brand — the only difference we make is in strategy. we are also open to the possibility of negotiating the offer with the business owners, either through direct negotiations or by having a lawyer conduct the proceedings.

​[] and [] both agree for there to be a transfer in ownership only if the offer price is agreed upon by both parties, and the conditions of the agreement are met. if they wish to arrange a negotiation, they will need to show an indication of the same to [] via email within 14 business days. this business sale agreement template can be used as a binding document to govern the sale of a business to a new owner. to purchase these businesses, they send a buy a business proposal or a letter of intent. links to such third party materials are for your convenience and does not constitute an endorsement of such third party materials.

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