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a partnership proposal template can help you write a stand-out proposal that will explain how you and the potential business partner can grow together. a partnership proposal will include all your future and current goals to help the other company understand how their vision and mission match yours. the proposal is your opportunity to create a great first impression of your company on your recipient. your purpose for the proposal is what you want to make out of this partnership or what problem exists that you need to fix through it. here is a template to help you with that.

but you should involve all your team members in the process of creating the proposal. the first thing you should do before anything else is  pick the right company to propose your partnership. one of the best ways to approach your potential partner is through an introduction from a shared connection. use this article and the partnership proposal template to write your partnership proposal and win the deal confidently. use visme’s partnership – press release template to get media coverage and partnership announcement linkedin post to share the information on linkedin.

business partnership proposal overview

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but your share should reflect what you put into the business, both in terms of time and money. the first step is to research what you need to include in your proposal, such as the share of profit and loss, the managing duties of each partner, and what should happen in the event of the death of a partner. but covering all of the necessary information will demonstrate your attention to detail and ensure that the preceding negotiations are thorough. for instance, if one partner is joining the partnership with a large social media following of ideal customers, you might want to outline how that social media account is expected to be used and what content will not be permitted on that account once the partnership begins.

but if you’re trying to win over a partner, then check out this guide to writing a cover letter and add your letter to the very beginning of your proposal. if you need to create content to convince on-the-fence partners, you can do so with your cover letter, business plan, or presentation slides that will go along with the proposal. instead, use the time before the proposal is signed to work on your business plan and research your addressable market. we offer 75 unique proposal templates that show you exactly what to include and help you draft your proposals quickly.

business partnership proposal format

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business partnership proposal guide

the parties believe there may be mutual benefit in forming a business partnership or strategic alliance and pooling their resources and assets in order to pursue the objectives below. by using the capital and the ideas [] brings to the table, along with the expertise of [], this project is positioned to achieve success. your goals may need not be what you’re planning to do with the project; rather, they can be about how you’re planning to progress with your partnership.

in this business partnership proposal template, company b is a startup business that has certain ideas and intellectual property, while company a has the means to bring those ideas to life with capital and human resources. each party agrees to not commit to any unlawful business which may affect the credibility or the goodwill of the other party, or of the partnership as a whole. this is followed by mentioning the objective of the partnership, and other important details.

separately, [business a] and [business b] are successful. but it’s come to our attention recently that our two businesses have complementary strengths and weaknesses, and it would be to both our interests to consider a partnership. [business b] is a respected colleague in this field, and we believe that by combining our [specialty] with [business b]’s expertise, we can create growth in both our markets. proposing a partnership is no small matter, and that’s why [business] wants to demonstrate the growth potential and sustainability of partnership between our two organizations. we have complimentary services that could benefit both of ourcustomer bases.

we are interested in offering you [service] for [free or discounted] inexchange for [service].3. we intend to provide maximum value to your company through thispartnership through business ventures, advertising, and more. [business a] would like to offer discounted work in exchange for services rendered. after we have both approved the partnership proposal, we’ll get started by scheduling a meeting in which to discuss how we can better help each of service begins as soon as the first payment goes through. we look forward to this partnership, and know it will benefit both our companies! [business b] retains the rights to any materials submitted to [business a].4, any changes to this agreement will be submitted in writing and signed by representatives from both parties.5. any requested work outside the scope of this agreement will be evaluated and charged at [price]/hour.6.