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a business proposal is a document sent to prospective clients in the hopes of working with them on a project⁠—whether it be a partnership or wanting to be the company who helps with a specific project. you can always compare your proposals with a free business proposal template to ensure you’re on the right track. an executive summary provides details about why you’re sending the proposal and your methodology for why you’re the best option for the client to choose from. your summary should give the reader a clear idea of how your company can help them, and invite them to continue reading for more details.

your summary explained what you can do and why you’re the ideal client to do it. here are some key points to address for each section: your proposal pages should cover all of the details of the plans you will implement. include all the details of your pricing options in a way that’s clear and concise. here are some good places to find examples of templates and layouts to help you in business proposal writing. a business proposal should ideally be less than 10 pages where possible, but it’s largely dependent on the type of proposal you’re making and how far your services stretch.

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you might be wondering what a business proposal is or how to write one. a business proposal is a document that companies use to pitch and sell their products or services to other businesses. a business proposal can be as short as a one-page letter or as long as you need to explain your product or service. before you write your business proposal, you must get to know the potential client. if your proposal is electronic, make the table of contents clickable so that it’s easier for your clients to find what they’re looking for.

while this section is about you and your company, you should always consider the customer. use your previous research to customize this section for the potential client you’re creating the proposal for. within the project details section, you can nest a chart that breaks down your deliverables and timeline. if your proposal is customized, you can add the following few sections to encourage the client to accept your proposal and start working with you. if you wrote a custom proposal that you expect your client to accept, include a section where the client can sign and date the proposal, accepting the terms you’ve presented. a persuasive section outlining the potential client’s problem, what you offer to alleviate the problem, and what your business’s qualifications are to solve that problem.

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