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i’m going to break down the pros and cons of each of the 8 best proposal software solutions and 2 old school methods in a fair and even way. digital proposal software allows your teams to automate much of the proposal creation by pulling customer details directly from your crm and using existing content from your content library. currently, the businesses we sell to most are freelancers, agencies, service businesses, and companies that send a lot of quotes. it’s not a transaction at a supermarket or a shopping cart which is why one of our favourite features is the ability to integrate live chat. the pdf is a fixed size, whereas proposals in proper online proposal software are flexible and responsive. they don’t have much in the way of templates written for other industries, and the design of the templates varies massively. they’ve given a reasonable amount of attention to some templates and not to others. while they have an android and iphone app, the proposals their customers send to their clients aren’t mobile-friendly, which is fundamental in our opinion. it’s not the cheapest and can be buggy at times but in general, it’s a great option. pandadoc is really aiming to give some competition to docusign (we’ve included them in our list of docusign alternatives) and is going after the document signing market but with a built-in editor.

the design of them is very elementary and is really just a text document with little to no design flair. on the other hand, if you want a completely unbranded experience, you’ll need to get their enterprise plan with a 10-user minimum and an annual commitment. if there is a downside, it’s the content of the templates. the design of nusii and their proposal viewer is pretty harmless. it’s sort of for agencies but if you were in the market for it and you were a small to medium-sized agency, you’d probably opt to go with better proposals or qwilr because you’d get a more modern product and more for your money in terms of features. it would seem that their distribution model is to sell to resellers who then get in front of clients and get them over the line. it’s not to say it wasn’t way ahead of its time, which we believe it absolutely was back in the day but times have changed and it hasn’t. prospero is one of the latest tools in the proposal software niche and it seems to be catering to freelancers and businesses whose main goal is to create functional proposals more quickly. if you need a drag-and-drop tool with affordable pricing and an unlimited number of proposals you can send, this is the option you should look into. we’re proud to be the default choice for freelancers, agencies, and service businesses and a lot of the reason for this is our price point.

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the best proposal software reduces the time and frustration it typically takes to craft winning proposals. proposal software will allow you to brand your proposals and make them look more professional. time is money, and your management software’s automatic processes allow you to make the most of both. we suggest looking for a few specific things: now that you know what proposal software is, why it’s valuable, and how to choose the right app for your business, let’s talk about a few specific options available to you. all in all, pandadoc is a fantastic proposal software and should definitely be on your list. if a potential client wants to move forward, they can do so by signing your proposal electronically, which will help you close deals faster.

this easy-to-use proposal software is stuffed to the gills with helpful features, some of which include an all-in-one editor that makes proposal writing a breeze, professionally designed templates that can be customized to your exact specifications, a content library that will allow you to store previously used pieces of content for quick retrieval, and more. bidsketch streamlines the proposal creation process, allowing you to create professional-looking proposals quickly and efficiently. you can easily add your logo, images, and personalized content to make each proposal unique. though it may be more specialized, the benefits this proposal tool brings to your information request process can make it a valuable investment for organizations that deal extensively with rfps and other information requests. proposal software will give you a professional edge, save you loads of time, and help you generate more revenue for your company. finally, choose the solution that suits your workflow best and don’t look back.

proposeful is the perfect solution to send proposals and contracts, track when clients open them and close sales faster with electronic signature. connect proposeful to your crm and thousands and other tools to automate your proposals. invite unlimited users to your account and let them reuse proposal templates and easily close deals. every access is tracked and you can learn how long your client spent on each part of your proposal all of our templates are fully customizable. send your proposal to clients by email or message and let them view it wherever they are, or generate a pdf identical to the online version you can print and bring to your meeting.

with proposeful you can electronically sign any pdf file and create document templates to customize and sign documents in seconds. “i received a proposal made with proposeful and loved how simple and beautiful it was. “because proposeful makes it so easy to create and edit proposals, our sales team is able deliver proposals quickly, raising our conversion and gaining credibility. “proposeful allowed us to innovate our travel proposals, to amaze our clients and make our sales a lot easier. “proposeful brought speed and practicality to our team. sending a proposal by link is quick, simple and leaves a great impression in our clients.

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proposal management software allows businesses of all sizes to create and send professional-looking proposals quickly, and to automate many parts of the process, using a mostly cloud-based system, for a monthly or yearly fee. the best way to handle the information overload is to determine what you need out of proposal management software first, then hunt for the tool that offers the features and integrations you need. jotform sign makes it easy to track any proposal you create and send.

the freemium version allows you to upload, create, send, track and e-sign documents, and collect payments. prospero features e-signature capabilities, the ability to send a proposal directly to clients, and various integrations, such as stripe, freshbooks, quickbooks, and others. honeybook is a customer relationship management (crm) tool that allows you to create proposals — and a whole lot more. you can also create quotes, invoices, and purchase orders, plus build reports and manage databases.