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it tells the story of shin ha-ri, an employee who accepts to go on a blind date in place of her friend, but finds out that her date is actually her boss. during the course of fake dating, ha-ri uses her new identity alongside a fake background, created for her by tae-moo and sunghoon, to make a good first impression on tae-moo’s grandfather. she considers it the most important element and, as a result, han said she placed less importance on the chemistry of the characters in order to keep the focus on the jokes while writing the script.

[46][47] the series was originally scheduled to be released on february 21, 2022. “sweet” by lee mu-jin was the first single to be released and it peaked at number 169 on the gaon digital chart. it became the first korean series produced and originally released by a local company to top the chart. with his influence as a second-generation member of a chaebol family, the male main character kang tae-moo manages to gather the testimonies of young-seo’s neighbor’s other victims and sues him, also buying out the company where he works at and firing him.

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kang tae-moo is the ceo of a company that his grandfather founded. but with this series, i really hold myself not to watch the ending, and watch each and every episode. or maybe the webtoon was so much better and they left out a lot of details in the drama? every time the grandfather is in the scene i start to laugh, he is a glorious spoof. vistaloaded feb 01 2023 4:38 pm just on episode 6 and i am feeling excited already watching this wonderful series, the leading woman is amazing lulu jan 14 2023 1:42 pm it was so cringe tbh. afolabi nov 26 2022 5:00 am this is superb i am serious in love with this movie especially from the first start. because the trend nowadays is plot-uniqueness with plot-twists, fantasy, thriller and mystery dramas, business proposal is a breath of fresh-air. the atmosphere is not unpleasant but it lacks a hook, the scenario is too weak and it is not especially funny. marwa jul 25 2022 3:58 am i admired this drama, really it was my best drama, i have watched a lot but this one was extraordinary, it seems like all the best drama was regrouped to make a better one. and besides, this is one of the drama series that i have watched in any situation, and even if they are far away from each other, they never thought of separating.??? great acting of all the cast but i really liked the leads, great chemistry and great acting too. i love the comedy and ha ri’s acting but overall it was so cliche. the rest of the cast were amazing and i think the cast itself carried this drama. however, this drama is so redolent of “she was pretty” that i have to say, “she was pretty” is a great kdrama, this is enjoyable. i think she is a good actress and can play comedy characters well. mr. jimi apr 22 2022 12:38 pm (spoilers) i checked on netflix and gave it a chance because i just read the webtoon. two things that i need to mention from this drama is the comedy and music. the beginning of the story is very intriguing, but after episode 7 or 8 it just kind of becomes boring to me. not to compare the two series, but this series just reminds me of the good time i gad with full house and this series also provides good entertainment. debbykay apr 13 2022 4:32 am wow this movie is a hit i loved it it’s full of comedy,romance and lots more it’s really fun ila apr 12 2022 3:46 pm funny, cute, silly xd 8.5/10 i think the casts played their characters very well, but my favorite was yoo jung, her mixed korean-english was hilarious :d ila apr 12 2022 3:25 pm funny, cute, silly xd 8.5/10 i think the casts played their characters very well, but my favorite was yoo-jung, her mixed korean-english was hilarious :d vermynn apr 12 2022 2:57 pm very good cliche drama. so yeah, the cast was great and did a really good job. the story is entertaining and i specially love the second couple but a little disappointed with the ending. i am not bashing anyone but the reason i am waiting for this series every week is the main lead couple. teiluj87 apr 05 2022 6:26 pm the ending is really fast…there are lots to be discuss but i hope it will get another season for this coz twas one of the best romcom series to watch and a stress reliever to me. it was a great drama what was the rush to just finish it and ruin it. hopefully, i will be seeing more like this in the future. i love the whole series but how could they cut it that short. i am commenting on here because i see the drama’s news a lot on social media and wanted to get rid of the frustration i felt. they deserve the good rating they’ve all work so hard to made it this good and satisfying! or i’m going to watch it again…. i really love the chemistry with the two lead couples♡♡♡♡ also can’t forget our comical couple and cast, so cute;) noona apr 04 2022 4:21 pm ending of episode 11!!!! and of course i love all the main leads in this drama to the point i wouldn’t mind if they really date in real life ? mar 31 2022 1:29 am this is the first ongoing drama that i wait excitedly to watch. i’m only about to finish the second episode and this drama is making yell. love you all ❤️ cb mar 29 2022 12:02 pm i love the actors in this drama. christina mar 29 2022 12:40 am it is a common story but i really laugh a whole lot. i would like to congratulate to all of the cast in a business proposal because of your hard working that all of you is you want only the viewer make us happy!! the last time i felt so excited and shipped a drama couple so hard was 2011 and it was the drama my girlfriend is a gumiho. she literally looks the same just with a wig and longer hair cuds est moi mar 24 2022 11:20 am this drama is very comfortable to watch, light, and fun. i watch a lot of thrillers/depressing stuff so this kind of show is actually refreshing and fun!

overall, i like this drama and hope kim min-kyu gets a lead role. but it is still entertaining and i think the the two couples look great together and have natural chemistry so the drama came out well despite its weaknesses. i hope there will be a season 2. the best kdrama for 2022 so faaarr.. rara mar 22 2022 11:16 am if you are looking for a logical serious drama, this is not the drama for you. jin young-seo and cha sung-hoon are just hot to the t. mylene alva mar 22 2022 5:10 am i read the webtoon and it is a good one. even if the plot is cliche it still reminds me of 2016 kdramas ?❤️ and i do love it!!!! faith mar 21 2022 5:18 am i read the manhwa months ago, and very excited to see you adapt. doc m mar 18 2022 12:54 am i really love this drama, though the theme of the story is not new but the plot is amazing …love the main characters …and supporting casts…this is the first i cast a comment … cindymahri mar 17 2022 2:47 pm @soobinnie, the closest drama that comes to mind is something about 1% – the 2016 version. .nice bella mar 17 2022 7:03 am i really love the manhwa and was looking forward to see how they adapted it. hope it will have the possibility to be more than 12 episodes because i need more and more! its the one that i go into after a busy day and exhausting work. ian mar 15 2022 5:53 pm reminds me of old korean drama feels and the hooks. so sad this k-drama is really good and i hate having to wait a whole week for the next episodes. me&kdramasgowayback mar 15 2022 10:36 am yes the story is cliché and cheesy but i love it! for me who cares about the weakness i find it amusing to watch. if you love a good romantic comedy that does not have a love triangle, and you would like to relax and have a lot of laughs, i highly recommend this you will not regret it! i need a fun drama to watch rerun when multi-tasking, this drama is perfect. but as the shows goes by, i think it was good and really fits the “kdrama style” and i get the reason why they need to changed it. the vibe is like a cross of secret garden (minus the supernatural element) and true beauty! i love a good comedy with all the tropes.. it’s just so comforting. mimi mar 08 2022 10:47 am this drama is so hilarious and i love the actors, they are so funny. the drama was given more depth and the scenes actually make more sense to me now than it did when i read it in the webtoon. jj mar 07 2022 11:04 am the only thing i love about this is seol in ah. a fan mar 07 2022 7:41 am only seen 2 episodes so far and i can tell you, this is definitely my comfort drama for the year! the main actess is perfect for this role and so does the main guy. idk about kim min gyu but i like his chemistry with sia peter m mar 05 2022 5:23 am this drama is brilliant! joules mar 03 2022 10:19 pm it’s like wwwsk meets the secret life of my secretary. the drama is ok, but i feel that the webtoon is so perfect. i have to say that the actors they pick is just right. changji mar 01 2022 10:18 pm i really like the manhwa version of this drama because it’s so wholesome. the whole cast is superior in terms of acting and looks rawwy feb 28 2022 9:34 pm i am already hooked on this drama. i’m hyped and i can’t scream cos it’s frigging 1 in the morning i really hope it can measure up to the webtoon, the cast is awesome. lol malcolm jan 30 2022 11:00 am it sounds very very generic and seems to have a similar plot to a lot of other dramas,but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as it could still be great…besides which i`m kinda really fond of this type of drama anyway… rays jan 29 2022 3:48 am i am looking forward for seol in ah’s role mainly….i hope all the casts can pull off this drama well!! if you have read the manhwa, the female protagonist is so se-jeong! ahn hyo seop’s normal appearance is more of a flower boy vibe, but with the right makeup and stylist, i have no doubt he can pull off kang taemu as well. not only that but sejeong is a great actress and is super hardworking and passionate in her works, so i guess she can pull it off and give the viewers what they are looking for. i read the manhwa version and also watch the drama youth of may, i think they are not a like. hoping that she would accept the role and try this new genre and prove to other people that she is a versatile actress. because this story itself is a so-so drama and top of that this drama does not attract much more viewer because of the plot. taemulvr jun 10 2021 9:12 am ahn hyo seop in a romcom drama is just what i need in this life.

business proposal format

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