Business proposal template

Business proposal template is a sample document that is to establish a working relationship between a partnership, a joint venture or other agreement between related parties. A well drafted sample business proposal can help business to build up an effective relationship with others.


Business Proposal Format

Business proposal need to consider the business objectives. If you are doing the business proposal for a project of government or business. The businesses often do an open bid and invite other companies competing for the project. The winning candidate is offered the project.

Business proposal need to provide clear benefits and solution. For any successful winning business proposal, the key element is to clearly show the benefits that you will give to the other parties once the target business accept your solutions. In your solution, you may need to give credible evidence to support your argument.

Business Proposal Template

There is free proposal example you can download for reference; however, you may want to have your own personalized design and sections for your own needs. During the process, it is important to consider the plan style, plan format and key sections.

The first key section in business proposal template is background and introduction. In the section, you need to give a short background to your project and how your ideas have been generated; you may also include a summary of the key points from your business proposal capturing the rationale behind your application.

The second key section in business proposal sample is the market analysis. In the section, you need to give a clear analysis of the market and service. For example, the analysis of the service is as follows:____(Product and services with characteristics that are demonstrated to be unique and/or offer a clear value to potential customers. The market analysis is:_____(description of the market); The methods of how you will reach your potential customers:_____.

The last key section in business proposal example is the business strategy and management team. In the section, you need to show a clearly articulated business development strategy. For example, What are the strengths and weaknesses of your business:___; What are the identified opportunities and threats that exist for your product/service offer:___; The management team that support the business strategy are:____(State their name, working scope and working experience).