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depending on the needs of the project and the conventions of the discipline,faculty sponsors might request different information or additional details to confirm the projectquality. to document the foundation for this work,proposals should include a minimum of five references that establish the significance andmeaning of the proposed project. this is an opportunity for the student and advisor to ensure that the steps in the processfrom inception to completion are clearly identified in advance. for an original creative activity, this might be thesteps in the creative process to develop the final product.

although there is not formal page limit, almost all capstone papers will be10+ pages in length but this is dependant on the discipline and the proposal (e.g., mathematicalproof, brief research report with poster presentation for conference, 100 pages of a novel). referencesa reference list of work cited in the proposal must be included in whatever format is appropriateto the discipline. criteria for evaluationalthough the dean of honors will record the final grade for the capstone project, the facultyadvisor is the one to determine the grade. course substitutionit is possible to substitute a similar capstone project required in a major outside of honors, butstudents that wish to petition for this must meet the same standards of the honors capstone.petitions must be made with a proposal the semester in advance of the work.

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what would be your reaction if you spent months carrying out a school project, only for it to be thrown out on grounds of being irrelevant, inadmissible, or downright outrageous? a capstone project proposal is a brief document that outlines what your capstone project is about, the steps you intend to follow while doing it, the resources you will need, and an outline of the project itself. the purpose of a capstone project proposal is to help your instructor understand what your project is about. what is your project about? provide these answers simply and directly in your proposal and you stand a much better chance of impressing them.

this will be the same title you will use in the capstone project write-up, so take your time to craft a brief, direct, all-inclusive title for the proposal. in the case of a project deliverable or creative project, describe the product you will develop, and the rationale behind it. detail the steps of your project and state when you expect to do what. for creative projects, describe what the final product will be, how you expect it to look like, and how it will work. give a detailed record of all the resources you expect or need to use in the course of your project. thanks to our student-friendly prices, you are assured of a deal of a lifetime.

the student needs to pick one of capstone project ideas related to the course or specialization and write a paper. along with a presentation, you will need to create a portfolio of your project that will accompany your presentation with additional materials and help the listener understand how you have come to your conclusions. your capstone project should highlight the knowledge and skills you obtained during the course and how you can apply this in a prospective workplace. highlight the key articles related to your topic that you will be discussing in the literature review section. the basis of your capstone project is the thesis statement.

in the literature review summarize your findings of the existing information on the topic. make sure that the tone of your work is totally academic. initially you will need to reveal the essence of your topic, discuss the project research, and tell about your findings. 1) the difficulty with choosing a topic for your capstone project is that it actually can be related to two or even more disciplines, not only one. to make the task easier, ask your counselor to give you a list of topics or review the works written previously in your department. we hope that our guide and tips have given you a basic understanding of how to write a capstone project.

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