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this isn’t the question you should ask a company you’re seeking sponsorship from. usually, if we have to suggest what to include in your proposal, your offering may not be strong enough to earn a sponsorship. below we tried to outline some basic information to help you on your proposal development. so take this as an opportunity to capture the essence of your program, your vehicle, your driver(s) and/or maybe even yourself. so be creative, make them fun, think about how you can offer things that other’s can’t and always try to understand that the more value you bring increases the likelihood of your proposal being considered.

– information about you, your program/team, etc. – pictures of your vehicle. – your plan for exposure (media, other partnerships, etc). – your social media handles/links, links to your websites. – what you’re looking for from konig. again, remember that your proposal will be reviewed and considered along with all of the other proposals we receive.

car sponsorship proposal overview

i will put your sticker on my car and get you 1,000 more fans all wanting your stuff, all you have to do is give me some free products. the best way to get sponsored is to be professional and not treat companies like a source of free parts. know when to draw the line between friendship and professionalism; regardless of your connection, companies need to justify why they should be sponsoring you. don’t forget to include your contact info so they’re able to contact you, and if they do, be gracious for the time they’re giving you; this is also one of those instances where it’s good to understand the concept of “don’t contact us, we’ll contact you”.

sponsorship is the name of the game, whether you’re a rookie, a veteran or an expert, and everyone has to play. you feel like your part of the ‘in’ crowd and it’s addicting; it makes you even more willing to want to help them as much as they are helping you.” also, if you are working on a brand new car, it can lead to working with the company to produce new products.” my life is totally for the better because of all my sponsors and it’s funny because i used to be scared of sponsorship!” we invite you to get behind the wheel with us, it’s certain to be an interesting drive.

the race car sponsorship template is a writable document needed to be submitted to the relevant address in order to provide certain info. once after completion, you can easily send the race car sponsorship template to the appropriate individual, or multiple individuals via email or fax. all you need to do is to amend the ready template. it is distressing and time-consuming to re-submit entire template, not to mention penalties resulted from blown deadlines. experts suggest to keep all the data and get it separately in a different file. when you have a writable template, you can just export this information from the document.

to be able to start filling out the form race car sponsorship template, you’ll need a template of it. the difference is that the template from the archive contains the necessary fillable fields, and in the rest two options, you will have to add them yourself. there is also a e-sign field for cases when you need the document to be signed by others. when you’re good, all you need to do is press the done button and move to the distribution of the form. all forms and contract samples are carefully sorted and categorized so that any document can be easily located whenever a user searches for it. once you’ve found a form you like, you’ll be able export it or fill it out right from your browser! browse the categories menu above or enter a keyword in the search field to find a sample.

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