carnegie mellon mba employment report

the tepper school of business at carnegie mellon university released the class of 2021 full-time mba employment report [pdf] detailing employment outcomes for the 2021 graduating class, including information about industry, function, geography, and compensation. “i continue to be impressed and inspired by the dedication and perseverance of our students and their support systems here at the tepper school,” said isabelle bajeux-besnainou, dean of the tepper school. “i could not be more proud of the successful employment and career outcomes that we have seen for our full-time mba graduates. cerrone, who was a summer associate at bain & company and will return in a consultant role upon graduation, had the opportunity to form relationships with tepper alumni through the mcc.

“it was amazing to see just how eager they were to help the future generations of tepper students.” the employment report summary is a testament to the successful outcomes of tepper’s mba program and the in-depth learning that takes place in its classrooms, virtually as well as in person. “i was able to learn more about business and leadership and apply it along with my past experiences to be successful in a completely new role and industry.” “what appealed to me about finance was that it is the foundation for many things,” says lawrence laporta who has accepted a full-time associate offer at jefferies financial group. i knew that a career in finance would provide me with foundational skills and knowledge to pursue a variety of opportunities.” laporta credits the real-world education that he received during his time at tepper for providing the information and experience that he needed to go into investment banking. “the course walked through all the valuation methodologies and challenged us to think critically about each specific scenario.

the tepper school released the class of 2020 full-time mba employment report detailing employment outcomes for the 2020 graduating class of full-time mba students by industry, function, geography, and median compensation. for a broader perspective, the average percentage of graduates with offers for the three previous years (2016-2018) was 91%. “the mcc team and i are grateful for the support so many of our alumni offer to our students.

the class of 2020 set a new high for accepted salaries, with a median of $136,000, which is $10,000 more than last year’s record-breaking mba salaries. “this enabled me to get a closer look at the industry and get more facetime with company representatives, including those at alixpartners,” she said. the remaining 15% of accepted job offers were in industries such as manufacturing, energy, retail, and media/entertainment.

$134,847. mean salary per year ; 96%. received offers by three months after graduation ; 27%. accepted jobs on the west coast these statistics reflect salary figures for accepted positions reported by full-time tepper mba students by three months after graduation. the report details the success and perseverance of the class and cites that within three months of graduation, nearly 96% of the graduates, .

within three months of graduation, 89% of students received employment offers, with a record average starting salary of $136,000. the consulting, .

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