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we’ve collected these high-quality examples of charts and graphs to help you learn from the best. there is a lot of variety in styles and structures, but you may notice common elements across these well-designed data visualizations. this chart shows how a bunch of items distributed across a single value — playcounts. this is another, contrasting example of showing the distribution of values across a single axis. it is a difficult design challenge to show changes across time in a static bubble chart. like a bubble chart, the treemap shows how individual items add up to the whole.

however, the treemap can also show a hierarchy of values (e.g. these two examples demonstrate: a leaderboard shows a series of items items ranked in columns according to multiple different values or performance metrics. in this way, they are related to the leaderboard and flower chart (see below) this “flower” visualization provides an intriguing model for showing the performance of individual countries by a series of scores. one of the most effective characteristics is that the information being represented (wind patterns) is immediately obvious through the visual design. in this example, the individual points represent people and their activities across time. the charts and graphs suggest an unfinished nature that makes sense for prototyping or early presentations of data.

charts make it easy to understand large quantities of data, find patterns and relationships and identify trends. infogram offers a wide variety of charts ranging from interactive bar charts, area charts, pie charts to more complex ones like treemaps, word clouds, scatter charts or candlestick charts. interactive charts are great for highlighting the most important points in your data.

when you build an interactive chart to visualize your story or report, it keeps your audience engaged with your content for longer. at infogram, we’ve built an easy-to-use tool that helps anyone visualize their data and create various types of charts in minutes. pick the most suitable style for your data-driven story and create a captivating chart to wow your audience. we have a large database of 200 customizable chart templates to choose from.

from bar charts to trend charts and flow charts to treemaps, we’ve collected these high-quality examples of charts and graphs to help you can create many different types of charts with keen. we have provided some common chart examples with live data from the keen compute api below. create beautiful charts in seconds. be inspired with our gallery of charts including bar chart, pie chart, word cloud among others 35+ chart types., .

we’ve hand-selected a wonderful collection of impressive charts, infographics, reports, presentations and maps created by infogram users. start your first there are so many types of graphs and charts at your disposal, how do you know which should present your data? here are 14 examples and why a list of 10 graphs (bar chart, pie, line, etc.) with data set up to render charts that you can copy and paste into your projects., .

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