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the sample cleaning proposals below will give you an idea of what your janitorial and house cleaning bids can look like when you use cleanguru’s janitorial bidding software. we’ve included sample cleaning proposals for some of the module add-ons we offer including carpet cleaning, janitorial (commercial office cleaning), maid service (residential house cleaning) move-in/out, post construction cleaning as well as window cleaning. janitorial office cleaning –view the sample cleaning proposalâ for janitorial services.

disinfecting serviceâ â€“ see how theâ service proposal outlines the details of disinfecting services for infectious diseases in this demo video. residential maid service – browse the maid service proposal and learn how to make your own house cleaning bid in this tutorial video. carpet cleaning – take a look at the sample proposal and watch how to create a carpet cleaning proposal in this tutorial video.

cleaning bid overview

follow these five steps to come up with bids for cleaning contracts that will help you get the job. a few ways that you can generate leads for your cleaning business include: if you want to do outreach instead of waiting for leads to come in, you can also research the owners of local properties. whether you’re trying to land a commercial cleaning contract or a residential cleaning contract, do your research before you meet with your potential client for the first time.

while speaking to your potential client, you can also learn more about why they’re looking for a cleaning business. during this exploration, you can also identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to theirs and how you can feature what makes your cleaning company shine. this can keep your cleaning business top of mind and nudge them to sign a business contract. tips on how to market a cleaning business will help you attract more leads from your target market.

running a professional cleaning business is all about making spaces liveable and workable for your clients. so, this guide is all about how to approach your bids and lock down work to feed and grow your cleaning business. for bigger business contracts, consider looking to local newspapers and other registers and even cold-calling businesses with offices in your area to inquire about their cleaning needs. when bidding on a cleaning contract make sure your bid is neat and organized. a huge part of optimizing your bids is learning as much as you can about the clients and the job site where you’ll be working. for government contracts especially, not having the right qualifications might mean you can’t even make a bid for the cleaning job.

offer a price point that’s profitable to you but also affordable for your client. deals – in some cases, it can make sense to offer special rates for the cleaning contract. for instance, consider: • is this job geographically close to your headquarters or other job sites? in addition to the price, your bid is a way to sell your potential client on your services and your overall business. whether or not your potential client says up front that they care about insurance, showing them your certificate of insurance is a great way to reassure them that you’re financially secure. you know that, in order to perfect your process of bidding and closing on deals, all you need to do is: our editorial content is intended for informational purposes only and is not written by a licensed insurance agent.

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cleanguru is a unique, easy-to-use janitorial bidding software, trusted by today’s best cleaning businesses to create over 125,000 cleaning proposals. from calculating cleaning times and recommending specific prices to generate professional cleaning proposals you can email or print and deliver to your prospect, cleanguru does the hard part of bidding and proposal generating for you – wherever you go. then, since our cleaning business software is fully customizable, you can quickly create professional proposals guaranteed to impress even the toughest commercial or residential cleaning prospects – in minutes, rather than hours. but when you’re trying to grow a cleaning company while competing with franchises, national management outfits and local big guys, it can be even harder.

you can edit then print a cleaning bid to give to your prospect or instantly email it to them if you’d like. and, you’re going to love how cleanguru’s new email verification feature gives you the real-time delivery status of your email. plus, all first-time members receive a free 30-day trial membership so they can take this one-of-a-kind janitorial cleaning software for a test drive, check out all the incredible features for themselves and create professional proposals for all kinds of cleaning, including: these short demo videos will take you through the cleanguru janitorial business software and show you all of the exciting possibilities. watch some or all the testimonials and reviews from actual cleanguru members to hear how confident our janitorial bidding software makes them feel during sales presentations to prospective clients.