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if you’re in the landscaping or lawn care business, you know that commercial mowing contracts can be a great source of revenue. the latter will have engines with higher horsepower and features that allow them to operate in a range of terrain. after estimating the number of hours the job will take, you need to apply your hourly cost. ask your clients if they have any commercial businesses that need your services, or if they can endorse you to businesses they know.

just hop in a car and drive around your neighborhood to look for properties that look like they may need help in the landscaping and mowing department. commercial landscaping contracts can bring in a significant amount of money compared to residential contracts. when you can make a client happy, you can almost be certain they will return to your business. when you have all your customer information in one place, you can respond to job orders, inquiries, issues, and special requests in a snap. you can find commercial clients by tapping into your former residential clients, joining community events, and surveying your area for the types of businesses to market to.

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you have to change the way you and your team manage projects to truly be successful. once you understand the difference between residential and commercial accounts, you can start looking for potential customers.use your network of existing residential clients to see if they have any connections to commercial accounts. “these are the best because you often have a chance to deal directly with the owner,” delany says.

“build your sphere of influence, and the world gets much smaller,” delany says. “if you don’t have that in your contract and you stop working, you’ve breached it first.”one of the main numbers to look at when bidding commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping jobs is your profit. part of taking the right steps to be successful in the commercial landscaping market means avoiding some costly pitfalls.when you’re first starting out, it may be tempting to “buy” a job to get a foothold with an account. “you don’t want to have all of your eggs in one basket,” schill says.with the right business tools and preparation, you can make commercial accounts a profitable part of your landscaping company.“if you have the patience and are willing to deal with slow payments and losing/replacing large accounts,” delany says, “go commercial.” want more sales insight and advice?

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commercial lawn care bid guide

in this article, you’ll learn how to find commercial lawn care opportunities, build relationships with clients, and bid on commercial contracts so you can secure profitable, long-term work. to find commercial lawn care clients, focus on specific types or sizes of business as your clientele. you need to build up a reputation for doing great commercial lawn work before big clients will contact you for large-scale jobs. look for businesses with small properties (e.g., under one acre), or single-business properties. here are some ways to find potential clients: once you have a list of companies, find out who the decision maker is at each one—that’s the person with the power to choose a lawn care contractor. use linkedin to see who works at the company, or call their office directly and ask who manages their lawn or landscape maintenance contracts. now that you know what companies you’re going after, you can create marketing materials to support your sales pitches and attract more clients like them to your business. regular contact with your potential clients can help you earn their trust in you and your business.

tell them why you have the best team for the job, and that you can send a bid when the client is ready. if you have a phone number, call the client to make your pitch. after sending your letter, follow up with the client over phone or email to find out if they’ve looked at it. following up frequently ensures you stay on your potential client’s mind, and it increases your chances of getting invited to bid. once you’re invited to bid on a commercial lawn care contract, it’s time to set service pricing for the client. you need to price thoughtfully—pricing too low hurts your lawn care profit margin, and pricing too high drives away business. you just have to keep trying! it’s easier when you know who your target clients are, where to find them, how to build strong connections, and how to ask for the sale. start out small and see what’s working best for your business.

here are some tips on how to get commercial landscaping contracts that will put you ahead of the curve and help you stay competitive. make sure your pricing reflects the value you bring to the job and do not underestimate or overestimate any aspect of the project. this will help establish trust with the client and can be the deciding factor in why they choose you over another bidder. create a timeline for the project that includes both your goals and those of the client. make sure to check for typos and ensure any terms and conditions are accurate before submitting the bid.

bidding for commercial landscaping contracts is a competitive process that requires you to tailor your proposal to the specific needs of the client. set yourself a reminder ahead of the due date to make sure you don’t forget and miss out on an opportunity! before submitting a bid, do your due diligence and make sure you can financially afford to take on the job. you want to make sure your contract complies with all laws and regulations. once you understand your prospects’ pain points and what influences them, you’ll be well on your way to bringing new leads into your sales funnel.