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a commercial lease letter of intent is a document that summarizes the leasing terms for commercial property, which is reviewed prior to the execution of a formal agreement. a commercial lease is a rental agreement between a landlord and a tenant who wishes to lease a commercial space for retail, industrial, or office use. the lease consists of terms and conditions that determine the responsibilities of each party during the contract term. as a result, the landlord will typically require a longer contract term to ensure a return on their investment (3 to 5 years is standard). lease term: the term of the lease shall be for a period of 3 years commencing on the 1st day of january, 2020 and expiring on the 1st day of january, 2023. v. use of leased premises: the lessee intends to use the premises for the following purpose: office space for the business “first financial investments.” vi.

expenses: in addition to the base rent, the lessee shall be required to pay the following monthly expenses: common area maintenance (cam). security deposit: a security deposit in the amount of two thousand dollars ($2,000) shall be due prior to or upon the signing of a lease. lease renewal: lessee has the right to renew the lease a total of 1 renewal period which may be exercised by giving written notice to the lessor no less than 90 days prior to the expiration of the lease. late rent: if the lessee fails to pay the total rent payment for more than 3 days after it is due, the following penalty may be charged: a late fee of fifteen dollars ($15) per day until the overdue amount is paid. binding effect: this letter of intent shall be considered non-binding. the terms outlined herein are solely for the purposes of reaching a later agreement in the future, of which, the lessee and lessor are not bound.

commercial lease proposal letter overview

this guide will walk through writing a commercial lease letter of intent and how to lay the foundation to get terms you can agree to. the letter will include a broad overview of the final lease agreement, showing that the company is serious about renting the space if terms can be reached. there is also information that every letter of intent should include to ensure the process goes smoothly. perhaps the most important thing to include in your letter of intent is a clause making it clear that the letter is not legally binding. it is a good idea to discuss a reasonable expiry date for the letter of intent with other decision-makers within your organization.

the letter of intent should include the following six things: clearly state why you’re writing the letter and why the property owner should continue reading. your potential landlord will want to know a bit about you, including information on your business model, business activities, goods and services sold, and target markets. the landlord will require information on your opening hours to avoid conflict with neighbors. the property owner might want to know a bit about your current space. including this information in your commercial lease letter of intent ensures the landlord will know enough about your organization to continue exploring the business relationship. the genau group can help you create your commercial lease letter of intent, ensuring that you word the information clearly to achieve your desired result.

a rental letter of intent is a preliminary document that a tenant submits to a landlord, outlining the basic terms and conditions that the tenant intends to include in a lease agreement. by expanding to bangalore, we aim to tap into the vibrant market of fashion enthusiasts in the city and the surrounding regions. a letter of intent to lease is a document that forms the basis of the final lease deed between the tenant and the landlord.

so to avoid this, they must write in the loi that the conditions mentioned in the loi or letter of intent to lease a space are non-binding. a letter of intent outlines the intention of a party to enter into an agreement with another. a landlord may ask a prospective tenant for a letter of intent for renting a space, to ascertain the tenant’s seriousness in leasing the space and also to find out the tenant’s exact requirements. all views and/or recommendations are those of the concerned author personally and made purely for information purposes.

commercial lease proposal letter format

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commercial lease proposal letter guide

a commercial letter of intent to lease is a form that demonstrates a tenant’s desire to rent commercial property from a landlord. a letter of intent (loi) must specify who’s sending and receiving the letter. an explanation of the letter’s purpose must be communicated to the recipient. adjacent to each signature should be the signing date and the individual’s printed name. the agreement considered in this letter and in the definitive agreement is subject in all respects to the following: 5. lease term. the rent to be paid by the lessee to the lessor throughout the lease term is to be made in monthly installments of $[rent amount] (the “rent”).

if rent is not paid by the due date, the lessee shall be required to pay the following late fee: [describe late fee (if any)]. the lessee shall be required to pay the following monthly expenses in addition to the rent: [list expenses to be paid by lessee]. if required, a security deposit in the amount of $[deposit amount] shall be paid by the lessee to the lessor prior to or upon the signing of a lease. a letter of intent to lease is used to discuss the terms of a rental arrangement before signing a binding contract. aside from being used as a negotiation tool, a letter of intent announces the applicant’s interest in renting a commercial space. the letter is also sometimes used after the parties reach a verbal arrangement to get some of the terms in writing before they draft the definitive contract.

show your interest in leasing property by sending this commercial lease proposal letter template. use google docs, ms word, or apple pages to open and easily edit the file. simply fill in your information and you are done. download now for free. i am writing to you this letter with a proposal expressing my interest in your commercial property located on 6th avenue, main street, texas. i have been looking into commercial properties for a while to lease it to expand my business. therefore i propose to lease your property for a period of 2 years. i want to expand my company where your property is located. the location of your property seems perfectly suited for my purpose and my target market. if you are interested in my proposal, we can agree to the terms and conditions in detail through a formal meeting so that we can draw up an agreement. please let me know if you need anything else from me. i look forward to a positive response from you. thank you for your time.