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a well-designed engagement strategy helps connect a community from the start and continues to bring more people to the table. next, it’s imperative to have a complete understanding of the background information and historical context for the topic. for example, it’s important to find out whether the information sought through community engagement is already available within an organization. additionally, developing a strong marketing and communications plan to reach the target audience will be key. by performing regular check-ins, specific parts of the community engagement plan that are causing issues can be identified.

once a consultation has concluded, the feedback data needs to be analyzed. a report presented to decision-makers and a report to the community will probably look different. using that knowledge to improve new projects and community engagement plans will be beneficial to the organization and community. places: places are a simple way to gather community feedback and ideas directly on a map. the stories tool helps your community better understand, empathize, and relate to others, as well as your project goals. to see the tools in action, watch a four-minute demo of engagementhq.

community engagement proposal overview

addressing community issues whether it is downtown revitalization, community planning, or managing invasive animals or plants is complex and cannot be effectively addressed without the engaging stakeholders and community members. engaging a community to address any issue is a long term process not a one-time event. the community engagement facilitator will need to inform citizens and stakeholders about the project and gather their input about the project. you will need to understand citizens’ and stakeholders’ concerns, aspirations and ideas for undertaking the project. all this effort will be of little value unless the engagement effort identifies stakeholders and citizens that are willing to contribute to implementing the solution. planning your community engagement will increase your ability to:

and your community depends on you to do it right. where your community engagement strategy explains why your district will need specific resources and will take specific actions, your plan will outline the steps to achieve the strategy. to mitigate these, listen to your community and act on their insights—a well-thought-out community engagement plan provides the key. what are the most appropriate engagement methods, and how will you ensure you’re engaging a diverse range of community members?

check in with your community after you’ve implemented the plan and they’ve had time to assess the impact. by facilitating consistent connection to her community and transparency in district decision-making, the platform has proven invaluable to her leadership at sps. after running an exchange with his community, he realized that the district’s law enforcement policies negatively impacted some of his students’ learning environments and outcomes. thoughtexchange has transformed how we hear from our community in a more equitable and inclusive way.

community engagement proposal format

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community engagement proposal guide

before you start reaching out to the community, it’s important that you are clear about the purpose of the engagement process. identifying all of your stakeholders gives you an understanding of their information requirements and helps to guide the rest of your community engagement plan. you should also make sure that your organization has a clear understanding of the level of engagement that you are seeking.

if you want community members to participate in your engagement initiative, it’s important that they know about it. it’s important to have a clear understanding of your local regulatory requirements so that your community engagement processes are compliant. you should plan to close the loop with a comprehensive community engagement report to foster trust and respect while encouraging future participation. the boundaries and structure of planning can help you to stretch your mind and develop community engagement strategies with the power to transform democracy for the better.

this thought-provoking and actionable book offers a step-by-step guide to finding your purpose and translating it into action. a good community engagement plan should always start with the desired results for the community and its members and then identify which activities and touchpoints will achieve those results. if you’re planning community engagement for an online community, it’s really important to start with the goal first.

a community engagement plan helps you move beyond the content treadmill and focus on what’s actually going to move the needle to help your members achieve the transformation they want. it’s our signature community engagement process which includes planning the “year in the life” of your community to identify your goals, and then planning your monthly and weekly activities to support those goals. this thought-provoking and actionable book offers a step-by-step guide to finding your purpose and translating it into action.