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wichita state university’s community service board is a student council that works to address issues of public concern through service and active citizenship in the community. for more information about the organization, please fill out the form to provide us with a little bit more information and one of our executive board members will be in touch with additional information about meetings and upcoming events. student engagement, advocacy & leadership is committed to students by intentionally creating co-curricular experiences that complement the academic mission by providing opportunities which engage and develop students resulting in a vibrant campus culture that enhances their journey as a shocker! join us on saturday, februrary 10 to make a huge impact in the wichita community.

volunteers will help with stuffing easter eggs and putting them in baskets to be used at the child development center’s easter egg hunt. volunteers may be tasked with setting-up for the event and facilitating the event’s activities. volunteers may help with setting-up the games and activities and with facilitation of the event. in celebration of earth day join the community service board and shocker neighborhood coalition for a morning of planting trees along the redbud trail.

community service overview

community service is unpaid work performed by a person or group of people for the benefit and betterment of their community without any form of compensation. a partnership of college presidents began in 1985 with the initiative of boosting community service in their colleges. according to fayetteville state university, “service learning is a process of involving students in community service activities combined with facilitated means for applying the experience to their academic and personal development. “[16] for community service to be effective, a different sector of community service learning; critical service, emerged in colleges throughout nations. people convicted of a crime may be required to perform community service or to work for agencies in the sentencing jurisdiction either entirely or partially as a substitution of other judicial remedies and sanctions, such as incarceration or fines. [19] community service in the united states is often similar to that in canada.

one example is east carolina university, which gives 24 hours of community service leave for full-time employees per year as an incentive and compensation for community service. in islam one of the pillars of the religion is zakat which is the obligatory form of charity especially to the needy. [37] a benefit of participating in community service is to gain greater experience and benefits to help individuals to gain advantages for their careers. another benefit in participating in community service is a greater understanding and appreciation for diversity. [46] civilians have a desire and aptitude to organize themselves apart from government to address the needs in their communities. making them a part of the movement, change or project creates in the members of the community a sense of belonging and hope.

teaching kids to give back to their community from an early age is a crucial step in fostering empathy and compassion! supervised children aged 8+ may be allowed to volunteer in the wichita facility. in addition to packaging the meals, another hands-on way to contribute is by working in the numana gardens. the diner’s mission is to serve a nutritious meal with dignity and respect to anyone who is hungry. opportunities exist for teenagers and adults to volunteer with a wide variety of tasks such as painting buildings, child care and cooking and baking.

no matter your level of equine experience, there are opportunities to help at the rescue and from home. this ministry of central christian church distributes food, clothing, furniture and other household items to people in the wichita community. the kansas humane society takes in nearly 16,000 animals every year and relies on community support to fulfill many of the services and programs. volunteers assist in meeting the needs of the children and providing a nurturing environment. volunteers must be 21 years old and may be asked to cook a meal, supply warm clothing or a variety of other tasks.

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community service guide

the club you’re a part of brings immense value to your community, why not push this even further through community service? community service for clubs is when your club members come together to do an activity that improves your community. the time you and your members spend volunteering for the community should align with the purpose of your club, we’ll dive into that next. here are a couple of reasons why community service is important for service clubs:  now that we’ve covered the background of community service for clubs, we’ll share some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing. partnering with schools is a great way to host community service events – involving different age groups will bring more power to your cause! encouraging their participation in your community service will give them a space to get their energy out and make them feel important. many of them are a part of school clubs where they need to earn community service credits.

college students are always looking for ways to make new friends and community service opportunities are the perfect way to do so! showing dedication to your community is a highlight many employers look for in their employees. take advantage of having fun in the sun for your local community! these ideas should be a hit for your next thanksgiving community service event. many of these ideas are great for your club members that may not be able to participate in your in-person events. here’s a couple of organizations you should work with for service:  we’ve given you some great examples of ideas for your club to participate in some community service. we hope you found this blog helpful and inspiring for your club when brainstorming opportunities to make an impact in your community!

our volunteer center can match your interests and talents with the needs of more than 300 nonprofit organizations in wichita and south central kansas—including agencies not funded by united way. volunteering is a great team-building activity that helps meet important needs in the community. volunteering enhances teamwork, strengthens morale and demonstrates your organization’s commitment to our community. it positions your company in a unique way to recruit and retain the next generation of employees.

community service and volunteer hours are important to help your college application stand out. high school seniors in sedgwick, butler, barber, cowley, harper, harvey, kingman, pratt, sumner and reno counties are encouraged to apply for the aaron joel smith memorial youth volunteer scholarship, which recognizes outstanding teen volunteers. three scholarships are awarded annually in the amounts of $10,000, $15,000 and $25,000. want to know more about our teen volunteer opportunities?