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it must be kept in mind that your concept note is the first opportunity to make the first impression on a donor. to this end, in your concept note, you need to articulate a program goal that will be addressing the defined problem. next, you need to give the donor a quick overview of the program strategies your program will use to implement the activities and to attain the objectives and goals you have specified. if you are able to tick all the right boxes with well-written concept notes, you could be one step closer to submitting a detailed proposal and securing the funding for your project.

pay attention to detail as this concept note is going to create your first impression in the donor’s mind. include a budget in your concept note only if required by the donor at this stage. it enables you to understand the priorities of the donors and sets you up for the concept note application process. clear, interesting and action- oriented language: the language is key to the quality of a concept note. make sure this is reflected clearly and emphasised adequately in the concept note.

concept note for ngo overview

when applying for a grant, most of the donors prefer the applicant to submit a comprehensive concept note. simply put, a concept note is the shortest expression of a project idea written on paper and given to a donor. in fact, many of the donors prefer to understand projects by reading a concept note instead of a full-fledged proposal. it also helps in the elimination of grants proposals that are less likely to be funded. for nonprofits, the purpose of writing a concept note is to capture the interest of the funding agency. a simple version of a concept note will usually include an introduction, project background, proposed objectives, budget overview, and expected outcomes.

keep in mind that the note should be short, as you do not want to overwhelm the donor with information. depending on the kind of project to be pursued or humanitarian activities to be addressed, a concept note can be prepared in hours or a few days. although there is no standard format to follow in the development of a concept note, the goal is to highlight the key details of the project. the rationale for the proposed project – why the project is important and the choice of a certain approach in its implementation. what makes the project unique – qualities of the projects that deem it necessary to be financed. concept note has become a prerequisite for many private donor agencies before the submission of a full proposal. the approach is being used as a way for applicants to obtain formal feedback from the donors on their projects and ideas before preparing a proposal.

it is uncommon that donors have a format for a concept note as they have for a full proposal. while this template can give you an idea of how many concept notes look like, it is always imperative to follow the donor’s guidelines! hello ozoo: we publish guides relating to proposal writing and fundraising strategy- please go through them and if there are any specific questions please feel free to contact us. we would love it if you shared this review on our office facebook page: /proposalsforngos.

thank you! the other day a friend asked me to draft a concept note for her, i wrote something for her, but now i know better how it is written. thank you. visit us for great resources about everything proposal related – tips, guides, how-to’s, sample proposals, training, expert advice, and much more.

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concept note for ngo guide

a concept note is a summary of a proposal containing a brief description of the idea of the project and the objectives to be pursued. in some financing programs, funding agencies require a concept note before the submission of a full proposal, in order to decide whether the proposed project is in line with the priorities of the program and to eliminate proposals that are not likely to be funded. the applicant’s purpose in developing a concept paper is to capture the interest of the funding agency and demonstrate that the idea they are proposing is worthy of further consideration. this person is then responsible for the coordination of the overall proposal development, for communication with potential funders and for making sure that all different pieces of input are brought together in a consistent and coherent text” (philip et al. in order to prepare a successful concept note, you will have to spend time carefully thinking and planning the action.

to ensure that the project will contribute to the implementation of the overall action plan for a sustainable sanitation and water management in your locality, the activities of the concept note to be drafted should aim at meeting at least one of the objectives of the overall strategy and/or community action plan. in general, it is important to keep in mind that it should be the shortest possible text for the project idea. many private donor agencies ask for a concept paper to be submitted for review prior to the submission of a full proposal. the materials are primarily targeted at local government officials, but are considered equally useful for individuals and organisations that work with local governments in the management of water resources. this is the third in a series of guidelines prepared by repoa in order to help researchers prepare improved proposals for research. funds is an online initiative, working for the sustainability of ngos by increasing their access to donors, resources and skills.