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design & construction has the authority to award various contracts subject to the requirements and restrictions of new york state law. construction contracts are generally awarded based on price subject to public buildings law and in those cases are awarded based on lowest bid. ogs design & construction awards approximately 325 emergency contracts annually in accordance with public buildings law section 9. bids for emergency contracts may be taken over the phone and require an immediate response and performance of the work. emergency contracts are of short duration and are usually awarded on a cost-plus basis, typically for $300,000 or less.

the office for people with developmental disabilities (opwdd) is authorized under the new york state public buildings law, through the office of general services design & construction group, to administer certain design and construction projects on behalf of new york state. opwdd is new york state’s second-largest state agency, and is responsible for maintaining more than 1,600 properties within 13 districts across 57 counties in the state. follow the links below to find opportunities with opwdd: design & construction has a program that will enable any vendor to be notified of upcoming projects that match the counties and construction specialties in their “vendor interest profile.” vendors also have the ability to be listed on the ogs website as a potential subcontractor or supplier for those same construction projects. the contract reporter is a centralized portal for state business solicitations, businesses are encouraged to register on the contract reporter to receive notifications from ogs and other state agencies.

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we are the largest construction agency in the city, awarding more than $1 billion in contracts for construction, construction related services and engineering services annually. to stay informed about the latest procurement opportunities and virtual information sessions, please subscribe to the dep procurement opportunity newsletter. the knowledge reservoir contains: existing consultants and contractors can access the knowledge reservoir by logging into using their credentials. we are committed to meeting the city’s goals for the participation of small business services (sbs) – certified minority and women-owned business enterprises (m/wbes) in the award and performance of goods and services contracts.

we post bidding opportunities on our website, the mayor’s office of contract services and in the city record. if you do not have an account with city record, please create an account. if you are an sbs-certified m/wbe, make sure we know about your firm and the goods/services your firm offers. we are committed to providing new yorkers with excellent customer service and adhere to rules set forth by the business owner’s bill of rights. for a copy of the rights as well as information about how to provide feedback, visit the mayor’s office of operations business owner’s bill of rights.

construction bidding is the process of submitting a proposal (tender) to undertake, or manage the undertaking of a construction project. for instance, a bill of quantities is a list of all the materials (and other work such as amount of excavation) of a project which have sufficient detail to obtain a realistic cost, or rate per described item of work/material. in this way the individual who is selecting the tender will be quite confident that the tender is feasible. either the costs that the contractor incurs are greater than the price he is charging the client (as a consequence of a lower tender determining the contract sum), and thus is likely to go insolvent, or he will claim for “loss and/or expense” due to discrepancies in the contract documents (this can be done deliberately). the lowest tender is the most likely to increase the contract sum the most throughout the course of the project. these services act as a gateway for project owners to release project information to a large group of contractors, general contractors or subcontractors in an attempt to solicit bids.

in these circumstances, upon determination by the general contractor that a bid is the lowest offer, it can accept the bid and, upon acceptance, a subcontractor cannot renege or revoke its offer. [2] in most cases, the architect will release these construction documents publicly, or to a select group of general contractors, who will then place a bid on the project which reflects what they believe cost of construction will total. this bid is inclusive of a multitude of subcontractor bids for each specific trade. in this method, the client is advertising and inviting the tenders. in first stage client is asking pre-selected contractors to submit their pricing parameters, and after that the client will request them to create drawings based on these price levels mostly used for the specialized works such as elevators. here contractor is submitting their costs and after that client is negotiating the prices before awarding.

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