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once you’ve recorded your construction defects, use a defect report template to export your data in the exact format required. planradar enables you to build a template that meets your requirements and export all items. use planradar’s statistics boards to get quick insight into progress on your project’s construction defects. modular construction experts innovaré systems use planradar on-site and at their factory for quality assurance, defect management, and several other processes. the most common construction defects are the result of shoddy workmanship, or work that has been rushed. some defects only become obvious when you start to use a building. occasionally, you might find more serious problems, but most construction defects are simple for contractors to repair.

if you’re the new owner of the building, it is up to the developer or contractor to repair any construction defects that you find, either at the point of handover or in the first year after completion. depending on your contract, the owner may be able to hold back part of the final payment until all construction defects are resolved. the easiest way to reduce construction defects is to increase the quality of work and prevent issues happening in the first place. it’s also important to reduce the number of defects left over at the end of a project. during your site inspection, you can find construction defects at an early stage and take action to remedy them before they cause bigger problems. first, a building with many construction defects might be dangerous to live and work in. in that case, the contractor might have to do a considerable amount of extra work to repair the defects, could be liable to cover the costs of repair or even be fined for breaching contract. that’s why you should have quality control measures in place on-site from day one, making sure that one brick in the wrong place doesn’t bring your whole project to a halt later.

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