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whether you operate on the salesforce platform or prefer an open infrastructure, kantata has you covered. kantata fills the gaps traditional psa solutions ignore, giving you the power to efficiently manage your business, while supporting your clients, team and margins. while your actual project proposal will depend on the type of project, there are several key sections that every project proposal should include. if you’re submitting a project proposal from an rfp (request for proposal), chances are the rfp lists exactly what information should be included in the proposal. an rfp is usually created by a company for one of three reasons, it is getting multiple project proposals and knows exactly what they’re looking for, it has stringent regulations on hiring contractors, or it requires a significant approval process to initiate work. the project background is a persuasive element of your proposal. the objectives in a project proposal communicate the desired outcomes of the project, whether these outcomes are deliverables or results.

this part of your project proposal serves not only as an acknowledgment that you fully understand the goals of the project, but also acts as a guide for your own project planning. this is where you want to be especially specific, as this sets the direction for the project expectations that will be agreed upon when you write and sign the contract. the scope is usually one of the longer parts of a project proposal. in the project scope, you should include: this is the part of the project proposal where you lay out exactly how the project described in the project scope will be completed. make sure to detail time for review and revisions, contingencies that impact budget, and other information that might affect the timeline, process, or budget, for a more accurate statement of expectations. if the client decides to move forward with the project, what should the next steps be? how do you track the availability and costs of your team and resources to more accurately estimate projects?

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often freelance writers will be asked to put together a content proposal for a client. so, what is a content proposal and what do you need to put in one to ensure you have the best chance of landing a content writing gig? i know of too many instances where writers are told their hourly rate is too high only for the same writer to translate that into a per blog rate. for example, the client wants you to rewrite existing content for their home page and their ‘about’ page including long-tail keywords, tags and meta descriptions. you could ask the client for the keywords that they want to rank for in google) and if you’ll include hyperlinks to high authority sites. i can’t tell you the number of times i’ve had conversations with potential clients about the reason why they want to create content.

i’ve found that the clients who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve with the content are more likely to be better communicators (hence give you clear briefs) and are likely to stick with you in the long term. i am out of pocket on a project at the moment as the client has had cash flow problems. i hope they come through with your payments soon.i have found that lots of organisations (mostly small businesses) haven’t really thought about what they want the content to do for them and how they will know when it has ‘worked’ – they just feel like they “should” be producing content. i had done a fair bit of hunting around online for a simple explanation on how to put together a content proposal and am so grateful to have found this post. it’s pretty useful for me as a freelancer to see which pages the prospect reads. the freelancer’s year has all the tips and tricks you need to be a successful freelance writer.

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