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contractor bid overview

as the construction market continues to ebb and flow, contractors need to have a well-thought-out approach to growing their business and expanding their project portfolio. in a design-build bid, the project owner seeks bids from contractors who can handle both the design and the construction aspects of the project. the construction bidding process may vary depending on project scope, bid type and the stakeholders involved. many contractors may request a pre-bid meeting to gather additional information, ask questions and get a firmer grasp of the project budget.

the project owner selects the winning bid and awards the project to a chosen contractor. building a strong network within the construction industry – and your local community – can lead to valuable bidding opportunities. strive for a competitive bid that’s reasonable with market rates and your level of expertise. subcontractors can participate in a construction bidding process, either by bidding directly or as a part of a bid submitted by a general contractor.

contractor bid or proposal information means any of the following information submitted to a federal agency as part of or in connection with a bid or proposal to enter into a federal agency procurement contract, if that information has not been previously made available to the public or disclosed publicly: (1) cost or pricing data (as defined by 10 u.s.c. (3) proprietary information about manufacturing processes, operations, or techniques marked by the contractor in accordance with applicable law or regulation. (4) information marked by the contractor as “contractor bid or proposal information” in accordance with applicable law or regulation.

for broad agency announcements and small business innovation research programs, each proposal received by an agency constitutes a separate procurement for purposes of 41 u.s.c. (1) active and significant involvement of an official in any of the following activities directly related to that procurement: (2) “participating personally” means participating directly, and includes the direct and active supervision of a subordinate’s participation in the matter. while a series of peripheral involvements may be insubstantial, the single act of approving or participating in a critical step may be substantial. however, the review of procurement documents solely to determine compliance with regulatory, administrative, or budgetary procedures, does not constitute substantial participation in a procurement.

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