cost justification template

a cost justification strategy is a way to show why the proposed costs for a particular project are needed to accomplish the project tasks. the cost justification strategy is there to provide a complete snapshot of the proposed work and it helps to justify both the need and the price. one thing you must ensure to include when justifying the costs of a project is it’s roi. net present value (npv) is also another value to consider including to prove your project’s worth.

this looks at all the benefits, deducts the costs and adds a time value of money to show a result as a money profit and displays how much your business value has increased. the benefits and value the costs may bring to your customer’s business is also an important part of justifying the need for the project. once you have all the information you need to create your cost justification strategy, make sure to also present it in a professional way to really prove your worth! shark was designed to be intuitive as well as user friendly, and it generates business case outputs that will suit the needs of the customer and fit with the required sales scenario.

cost justification overview

a good justification will allow anyone reviewing the cost transfer to understand how the expense benefits the receiving pta. it is important to state explicitly how the project which will pay this expense benefits from the transfer. the efforts of grad student x directly benefit the scope of work for project y – or – grad student x conducted experiments related to the project y statement of work (be specific, but brief) appointment paperwork is now fully approved, and the labor distribution schedule corrected for grad student x so that her salary will now be charged correctly. a good justification will allow anyone reviewing the cost transfer to understand how the expense benefits the receiving pta.

it is important to state explicitly how the project which will pay this expense benefits from the transfer. the inadequate justification does not address the questions of whether or not the chemical charges are allowable and allocable to the ptas to which they are being charged through the cost transfer.â  the better justification states that the department is aware of the documentation requirements for these charges, attests that all requirements have been met, and states where the documentation records can be found. if an error is discovered after the end of the award, a transfer of expense should be made by removing the expense prior to award closeout. these charges could not be processed in a timely manner because pi smith was traveling in mongolia and was not available to review and approve the charge.

once a strategy is formulated, a budget showing the costs and savings of implementing the improvement plan must be prepared, using the cmms as the key planning tool. in preparing a cost justification you should remember to only promise what you can deliver and only show savings for the amount you need. the 10% improvement in utilization could come from better planning and scheduling, greater emphasis on planned maintenance, and a better matching of the maintenance organizational structure to the work required.

however, additional maintenance expenses would be incurred in order to extend the life of the equipment. therefore, a 5% increase in performance results in a rate of output of 84 widgets/hour. assume implementation of the improvement program results in a 1 percent increase in product volume.

cost justification format

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cost justification guide

the cost accounting justification forms are to be used to treat the costs normally considered indirect as a direct cost for a sponsored agreement. facilities and administrative type costs are incorporated into the f&a rate charged as an indirect cost to the grant. generally, if the cost is not included in the proposal, it will not be permitted as a direct cost at the time of purchase. the pdf version has instructions provided for the type and/or format of information to be included within the fill-and-print form fields.

see policy fn17 required use of approved university forms appearing in the general university reference utility (guru) for full details. the latest version of adobe acrobat reader is available for free. there may be times when it is necessary to combine multiple pdf documents into a single document for submission. the cost accounting justification for administrative/clerical costs form requires multiple signatures for approval. in no event shall be retained longer than the official copy of the university records as delineated on the records retention schedule.