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i won a teaching assistantship in the department where i earned my phd minor, and proposing a summer course was a part of the application process. in this context, i take “detailed syllabus” to mean the inclusion of a course description, list of required readings, weekly schedule (objectives, reading assignments, and other activities), and brief description of how students will be evaluated. when i proposed a course for iu’s collins living-learning center, i was asked to include page numbers for all reading assignments so that reviewers could get a sense of the course’s reading load and distribution. ultimately, you are creating a document that should speak to the needs and abilities of the students who might enroll in that course.

by the end of the course or unit, what topics should students be able to discuss with greater ease? it’s important to include a course description that addresses the rationale for the course and enumerates specific learning objectives. i typically place information about assignments at the end of the course schedule, but i note the presence of this material somewhere at the beginning of the proposal. can a reader find information quickly and by moving back and forth within the document? if your document invites skimming, it has a greater chance of advancing to the next round of evaluation where it likely will be analyzed in more detail.

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this proposed new course is not to replace, but to add to the slate of introductory literature courses the department of english offers so that students have more viable choices of courses that will better meet their educational needs and career goals. by examining the nature, structure, and key elements of literature and reading and analyzing a wide selection of literary texts from major literary genres, this course will enhance students’ abilities to appreciate, understand, and critique literature as embodied in its major modes of expression of the human condition. scientific inquiry in the field for biology majors introduces students to field biology techniques, biodiversity literature and associated professional organizations, relevant internship opportunities, and introductory level biodiversity analysis. scientific inquiry in the field for biology majors will teach students to use appropriate field biology sampling techniques, to record observations, and build hypotheses through inductive and deductive processes.

b. design and implement an appropriate strategy to address their research question within the limits of the study location and with available field techniques (activity 4a-d). in the short term, theodora pinou, a tenured member of the department, is available to teach this course. this is an opportunity for biology majors to be immersed in the field, engage in authentic field biology practices, and meet other professionals in the field that may lead to future internships. the course provides opportunity for scheduled instruction to occur outside of the traditional classroom at non-traditional times, such as weekends, and breaks.

1. download the cas new course proposal form (go to file -> download). if your syllabus is written in a language other than english, the ucc would appreciate having the original version, as well as a version with as much text translated into english as possible. if your syllabus is written in a language other than english, the ucc would appreciate having the original version, as well as a version with as much text translated into english as possible. for online courses, please submit the syllabus, the addendum (parts a-c completed), and a link to the learning environment for the online version to create a folder with the name of your department, and upload your course proposal form and syllabus. 4. ucc approves will go into a report for final approval at the next full fas faculty meeting.

the department will confirm with cas about the overall number of online courses being offered to ensure that we meet cas and ny state guidelines. also, submit the syllabus and a link to the learning environment for the online version to the instructor should submit the syllabus at least two months before the scheduling deadline for a given term. 4. after the fas office of educational technology step, the cas technology-enhanced education committee will review the syllabus and make any recommendations for online modality. please note that if there are any substantive changes made to the course, (i.e. the course should be resubmitted for review.

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