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i was under the impression that they were they same, but after one video i watched the other day, i am not so sure.i always see the box for the cover letter, but have never seen one for a “proposal”.if they are not the same, what is the difference? the cover letter introduces you to the client, highlights your relevant skills and experience, and explains why you are the best candidate for the job. are you saying that a freelancer won’t see the option to send a proposal until after a consultation?if so, as is with a cover letter, is it required to send a proposal if you get to that point? i send a cover letter and then wait for the client to interact. those that think they are the same may not understand the important differences and strategies for landing a job – they are not. i believe it depends on the job post you are submitting the proposal.

however i believe a small modification from my perspective – i might look for making my cover letter and proposal single brief response to client in case i meet the job skills criteria. are you saying that a freelancer won’t see the option to send a proposal until after a consultation?if so, as is with a cover letter, is it required to send a proposal if you get to that point? clients will not expect a consultation or a formal, written proposal  – not in the sense that he’s talking about – from a data entry/virtual assistant such as yourself. for your purposes, a proposal and a cover “letter” are indeed terms that mean the same thing – it’s just a short paragraph or two about why a client should hire you and what you’ll do for them. or you can make your cover letter just enough to get the client to want to talk to you and then you provide the prospective client with a specific proposal after a conversation, but that is up to you. i just got an answer to a question that has been bothering me ever since i signed up.

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that said, the most important thing to include in your proposal letter is that you understand the reader’s needs and long-term goals. what you might find is that they’re scared their new competition across the road is going to put them out of business in a year if they don’t act fast. in the world of business proposals, a cover letter is the initial part of your proposal where you explain that you know the client’s situation and you know exactly how to solve their problem. you should keep your client in mind when you write a proposal letter. while the content of your proposal will depend on the offer and your industry, the proposal letter should always follow this guide.

now that you know exactly what to write in your executive summary, let’s see it in action in this proposal letter example. you can find the right proposal letter template and customize it to your needs. if you want to make sure your recipient is reading your proposal on a screen, keep it in mind when creating the proposal letter. writing a great proposal letter is one of the most important skills that you can have as a salesperson or business owner. we’ll show you how to guide them from opening your proposal to signing it.

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