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create a proposal that makes a winning case with venngage, the online proposal maker. whether you’re writing a proposal for project funding, business partnerships, or new clients, design and functionality are important elements of a professional proposal. you shouldn’t have to compromise the quality of your proposal and potentially lose out on opportunities. our web-based graphic design software can be accessed anywhere, so you can create proposals on the go. the best part? pick a proposal template that will appeal to your audience and emphasize your most important information. create page layouts that fit your information. start with a template and customize the layout as much or as little as you want.

add visuals like charts, infographics, photos, screenshots, and icons to reinforce your text. add your branding to your proposal design. save your brand logo and colors for easy branding now and in future designs. who are you sending your proposal to? our 24/7 support team will guide you so you can create an effective proposal. you also have the option of downloading your proposal as an interactive pdf. optimize your proposal for both digital or print distribution, to fit your specific needs. you can go back and edit your proposal at any time.

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explore professional proposal templates and choose one that best fits your company. get started with professional proposal templates to make a compelling case in front of your audience. tap into built-in features like hundreds of free fonts, millions of free images, vector icons, data tools, animations and more to whip up the perfect proposal design in minutes. change the fonts, colors, images and icons with a few clicks using our built-in library of assets, or upload your own. that means more interactivity, more engagement and more design power in your hands. if your proposal design is animated and interactive, you can simply share it online with specific people using a private url. a proposal is a document that can help you present ideas and solutions in a way that persuades your audience to do business with you. easily customize your own proposal design and send it out to your clients in minutes.

change the fonts and colors, and upload your own logo to create a custom proposal that will win over any client. create interactive proposals with popup and rollover effects that allow your viewer to interact with your design to learn more information. design a custom proposal or use our business proposal templates to put one together in minutes. simply find a template, customize your design and create your own proposal in less than an hour. replace the title of the proposal, and edit the placeholder content to add in your own text and company info. add some flare to your proposal by complementing the text with relevant vector icons. make your proposal stand out by adding charts, graphs and data widgets to visualize boring numbers. customize the fonts, colors and other elements of the proposal according to your needs. you can also host your proposal online by generating a public or private url and sharing it with others.

create professional proposals in minutes with jotform’s proposal generator. great for business proposals, research proposals, project proposals, and more. choose one that most closely matches your needs, then customize it with our drag-and-drop proposal maker to match your branding. work with your team to draft the perfect business proposal. create e-sign forms and gather e-signatures from your team seamlessly with jotform sign. save time and paper, and oversee the signature process from start to finish in one centralized place.

with jotform, you can make changes yourself and don’t need a whole lot of experience in developing or coding! i really enjoy using jotform to build different forms that suit my diverse needs. i work in a high school and need a quick and efficient way to document my sessions with students, teachers, and parents, jotform does just that for me! i build different forms and enjoy how simple they are to create, and i also like that there are templates available and even more advanced widgets and add-ons to enhance the user interface with the form. thank you jotform for creating such a wonderful resource! we can be sure that we have the most up-to-date form with correct information using jotform.

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“clients love sharing our storydoc page internally, for instance, with teammates who might not have seen the demo. it does an amazing job painting a full picture of what we do and how we work so that a second demo is usually not needed.” my goal is for my business to be memorable and storydoc allows me to showcase the colors of my business in the best possible way.” generate any text, rephrase, and brainstorm ideas to seduce buyers with our ai writing assistant waiting for you on every slide. storydoc lets you add interactive roi calculators so clients immediately realize the true worth of what they’re purchasing. we know based on hundreds of thousands of presentation sessions that your readers will love it. storydoc is more than an ai that makes presentations. sure you make presentations faster than ever but what’s it to you?

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use bookipi’s proposal management software to create modern, cloud-based proposals that your customers can access from anywhere. manually upload a proposal cover or leverage our canva integration to create one directly on our app. access our proposal maker on your mobile device when you log in to bookipi from a mobile browser. manually upload a proposal cover or leverage our canva integration to create one directly on our app. access our proposal maker on your mobile device when you log in to bookipi from a mobile browser.

making your first professional online proposal is quick and easy. whether you need a sales proposal or proposal for consulting services, use our customizable proposal creator, to impress your clients and win new opportunities. following up on a business proposal is crucial to demonstrate your commitment and interest in working with the client. with bookipi’s cloud-based and user-friendly proposal maker software, you can enhance your efficiency, professionalism, and success in securing new business opportunities. clients can pay you securely & direct from invoices via our stripe integration.