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if you are new to developing curriculum proposals, or if you haven’t done it in a while, the h&s curriculum committee strongly urges you to review the following documents in advance of preparing proposals: how to … guide for proposers preparing new, experimental, and revised course proposals – the focus of this guide is how to make sure your proposal is addressing the kinds of questions asked by hscc and apc in their review of course proposals, including course titles, course numbers, course slos, the rationale, and more. below, we excerpt the section from the hscc guidelines about how to craft a robust rationale in support of your curriculum proposals. the rationale is one of the most important elements of a proposal. we suggest you answer or adapt the statements below in your rationale for new or revised proposals. general principle: while it may be the case that a specific course reflects a faculty member’s particular scholarly expertise, our expectation is that courses being added to the curriculum are supported by the whole department and play a role in the overall curriculum. remember that the rationale is also the place to explain how the prerequisites or restrictions support students to be successful in the course, and why the course is placed at the level that it is.

if the course will be taught with an alternative type of pedagogy to a standard lecture, seminar, studio, or lab course, the rationale is also the place to characterize that, and explain why this pedagogy is appropriate to the course. further, the rationale does not need to address how the course has changed or is changing since it was offered experimentally, but rather should treat the course as a new proposal with the particulars (in terms of course description, prereq, syllabus, etc.) the key task in the revised course rationale is to describe the changes and justify them. in this case, changes may be: new major and minor programs need to be created before a curriculum proposal can be submitted. this proposal will be reviewed and approved by the dean and the provost before the curriculum proposal can be created in cim. once the program has been authorized, you can then prepare the curriculum proposal. step-by-step guide for proposers preparing new and revised program proposals  (located in the curriculum guides for faculty folder) for detailed guidance on preparing program proposals in cim.

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proposals that are not creating brand-new rowan core courses will be routed directly to the scc as the next phase of the curriculum review process, following the college level review. proposal type: changes to existing courses use the onbase curriculum review application to make changes to an existing non-rowan core course or to make changes to an existing rowan core course such as changing the course’s prefix, number, title, credit hours, pre- and/or co-requisites, catalog description, or adding a writing intensive designation. )  these changes are reviewed by the senate curriculum committee and do not require a review by the learning assessment and rowan core committee.

do not use the onbase curriculum review application to add a literacy designation to an existing (presently non-rowan core) course. the first category are proposals that directly or indirectly affect curriculum but do not represent curriculum in and of themselves. sample quasi-curricular proposals: if sponsors are proposing a new undergraduate degree or undergraduate degree-related program, or if they are proposing any changes that require updates to a program guide, sponsors should include with their proposal updated versions of both types of program guide: one that reflects the old general education model and one that reflects the rowan core model that went into effect as of fall 2018.  this two-guide proposal requirement will be in effect for as long as (continuing and new transfer) students may still operate on the previous general education model. sponsors should attach their rationale for acquiring the wi designation as a separate document in the onbase curriculum review (new and changes to existing) course template section “additional supporting documentation.”  (pdf format preferred for submission to the scc.

the key component of obtaining approval involves creating a strong curriculum proposal. this written proposal should only be about one page, since administrators will not want to read a massive document. write “proposal for a course in xyz.” this will quickly identify the purpose of your document to the reader. write a brief course description. we will take a look at the historical development of this movement in the united states, starting with the founding of the nation.

students will develop an understanding of the movement and ultimately create a final project in the form of a dvd.” write the proposed readings. you need to gain approval of your materials for the course. give a proposed timeline for communicating your lessons to the class. let the administrators know that you can be reached at any time and will be more than happy to meet in person to go over the contents of the course. he holds a bachelor’s degree in english from the university of michigan in ann arbor and is currently a law student at depaul university. classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages.

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