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but here’s a six-step process you can start following to get the ball rolling right away. a personal brand will take you much further, helping you to increase your visibility, leading to more leads and a higher conversion rate. don’t get lazy with the bio section—linkedin has a word limit of 2,000 words, so there’s plenty of room to write out your value proposition. the idea is to keep your introduction short enough to fit into a quick elevator ride with your prospect. once your prospect has displayed interest in learning more about your services, shoot a calendly link across and ask them to book a slot.

the types of objections you are bound to get as a digital marketer depends on three main factors—value, trust and competition. your confidence will make them think twice, and entrepreneurs never say no to a good deal. create a system to ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table. you need to start following up with your prospect soon after you connect with them, or else they could forget about the interaction altogether. another feature you should look for is if the software gives you a chance to see how the video performs with open rates and how much of the video is viewed. the above steps can help you structure your strategy, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

digital marketing pitch overview

a media pitch or a pitch is what we refer to as the email you send out to editors when pitching your client or brand to secure press coverage and interest. the style and tone of a pitch will vary depending on your product and the publications/editors you are pitching to. an editor will appreciate if you take the time to research them and cater your pitch accordingly to acknowledge their recent activity.

once you identify relevant trends, pitch your spokesperson to the appropriate editors and offer them an incentive such as an exclusive interview. this shows their credibility on the subject and will increase your chance of receiving a response. we love your content on [insert recent content that appeals to you and the brand voice] and think you would be a great fit to work with on our upcoming influencer campaigns if you’re interested! depending on your client, the format of an effective pitch will vary greatly, so make a point to understand your client and your end goal.

your sales pitch can make or break the deal, so it‘s a good idea to have that nailed down before meeting with your customer. you have to grab your prospect’s attention so that they actually want to hear the value of your product and how it can help their business. starting off with “50% of homes don’t use yard maintenance services” is a lazy and boring way to begin your pitch. your pitch has to be lean and to the point. and this is not just a requirement for sales reps. anyone in your company, from the ceo to sales consultants, needs to know your one-line sales pitch by heart. you need to deliver your sales pitch to the right person at the right time with the right tools on hand (like a demo, free trial, or presentation). for instance, if you’re pitching your bookkeeping software to the sole proprietor of a freelance business, you might emphasize the easy and simple invoicing tool. your colleague might switch up the script on you, precisely to emulate what it would be like to speak with a prospect in real time.

the last thing you want is for them to be dazzled by your sales pitch but procrastinate long enough for that feeling to fade away. making a sales pitch over the phone gives you the opportunity to establish a personal connection with your prospect and guide them to the next step in the buying process. when leaving a voicemail, you have the opportunity to make an attention-grabbing message that piques the curiosity of your prospect. let me know what you think!” when you have a large number of prospects to contact and don’t have the time to call each one, sales emails are a great way to connect. we know you need a sustainable solution for all of your teams to connect with your customers, and hubspot can help you with that. the major benefit of going with a video sales letter is that videos provide an opportunity to tell a compelling story about your product or service in a way that you can’t with other mediums. ultimately, the goal of a follow-up is to continue nurturing your relationship with the prospect and convert them into a customer. submit this form so you can be the first to learn about our marketing and product updates straight from me.

digital marketing pitch format

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digital marketing pitch guide

we’ve asked a panel of expert digital marketers to weigh in with their top tips for pitching digital marketing services and we hope this can help you refine your existing process to win more customers. additionally, you should devote the same amount of effort to developing your portfolio as you would to a client assignment. occasionally, they simply require proof of your abilities.” neisha vitello of brand socially states “don’t criticize the client’s current logo, social media efforts, or current agency in order to make a point as to why you are better. build your reputation as a problem-solver and you will be growing in no time.” bogdan krstic of repairsprout states “keep your slides simple and concise.

no matter if your proposal is internal (current clients) or external (potential new clients), make sure your slides are tailored to your audience and how they prefer to consume information. we know from experience that you’re already on the back foot when approaching new clients, so providing solutions to their pain points is always the first thing we look to do.” paul ramkissoon of consult pr states “ensure that you use a needs based approach to whatever custom plan you put together for a client. explaining, ‘it’s all about increasing traffic to your website, improving conversion rate and seeing an increase in the number of enquiries you get’ is an example of the lines that you’re likely to use in that sort of meeting. you may be going after bigger clients and most of the time, clients of this size will have a marketing manager. it added personality in a way that showcased what it’s like to work with me, created instant connection, and offered a place for me to talk about how i work.” in conclusion, when it comes to perfecting your proposals and sales pitches we recommend doing the leg work and establishing your portfolio, testimonials as well as a personal brand of authority ahead of time.

your competitors are online. when it comes to pitching new marketing ideas, your first step should be to understand your business goals and how they relate to what you are trying to accomplish with digital marketing. once you can clearly identify the problem you are trying to solve, you can then better plan your digital marketing strategy. find as much relevant data as you can to show where your opportunity is, then display that information in a format that best shows where your opportunities are.

consider the investment you are asking your manager to make in digital marketing. your manager will likely have a handful of questions, but you can plan ahead and provide the information to instill confidence in your digital marketing initiatives. a question you can guarantee your executives will be asking you is “what will our return on investment be?” stay calm! it can be difficult to convince the c-suite that digital marketing can positively affect your business, but a well-thought-out plan with detailed research and estimated outcomes can help you leverage your case. we can equip you with powerful reports that clearly indicate the effectiveness of your investments.