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your research proposal is the main base upon which a supervisor and a research degrees committee can begin to judge the value or potential of your research work. for students studying for an ma or other masters, you will already be on the course and drawing up a proposal with your supervisor is an ongoing rather swift process with a usually early deadline to begin the work and a set deadline to hand it all in. before you submit your research proposal formally, you will need to carry out a substantial amount of early research work, some literature review and searching, and to identify the theoretical and methodological underpinnings to your work. you will need to seek support from your supervisor in the development of a proposal of sufficient quality and to convince a research degrees committee that you have the potential to carry out research at the level you seek. that is, what will this piece of research lead to or contribute to?

when you embark on your proposal, you are expected to identify your main research questions and sub-questions, to clarify for yourself: the research proposal is a carefully crafted piece of work. it is a stage and a substantial piece of work from which you will draw in the future. you will also have to recognise that it is a compromise. but the proposal is a draft outline and it will be worked with in the future in a dynamic way. talk it through with a friend, colleague or family member, and of course, with your supervisor!

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they’re also a chance for you to make a structured, logical argument and lay down everything in favor of your idea. what: what’s the reason for you to write the proposal in the first place? this proposal template is a checklist that should be used alongside the proposal document you are planning to submit. we are a super-charged, state of the art bpm saas platform which allows you to create templates and run individual checklists from these.

make sure to cite the foundational texts for the approach you want to take and to reference current academic discussions pertinent to your particular application of that approach. i have an idea of how to write the proposal but would am unsure and would rather see what the experts have to say about it. this has instructions and requirements, and you can use its specifications as inspiration for how to create your proposal. i thank you for that and now i am requesting for help, i am a student first year and my ambition is to help the orphans i would like you to help me how to write a proposal of that kind.

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