drywall bid template

as a drywall contractor, you always want to strive to create the most accurate project bid possible. even with a strong pricing strategy, you’ll likely have trouble learning how to write an estimate for drywall installation without knowing the actual price of the drywall. after you combine the drywall and labor costs details detailed above, your drywall contracting company is one step closer to preparing a final drywall job bid.

in addition to the drywall itself, contractors must incorporate  mud costs into a bid. to understand how to bid drywall jobs once and for all, let’s take a look at a few common questions and examples that can help most drywall contractors envision the total factors included in a final bid. a drywall bid sheet can help break down the estimate of your services by highlighting all costs from labor to material expenses.

drywall bid overview

before quoting a drywall project, you must know the best projects to bid for your company. all of these will include the construction project plans and specifications that describe and show the scope of work to be performed. a quantity takeoff or material takeoff is a count of the materials and supplies needed to complete the specified work. measure the length of each wall assembly and multiply it by the ceiling height to get the total area to receive drywall. when you are finished with the takeoff, you should have a complete list of the materials and equipment needed to complete the drywall installation project. some questions a builder should ask a client should vary from “what is your budget or how much are you willing to spend.” then contact your local supplier to get pricing for the small job.

this involves using the drywall installation cost and labor data you’ve gathered from previous projects to estimate how long a potential project will take. if you don’t have past project data to help you as a general contractor determine how long it will take, you can use a labor guide, like rsmeans. profit is usually calculated as a percentage of the total cost of the job. in order to maintain a successful drywall business, you must always be searching for new work. if you’re a drywall contractor and you want to see how planhub can help you expand your business, contact us today. with access to private, hard-to-find projects, you can connect with architects and owners on projects still in the pre-design and design stages.

we have also heard some nasty stories about contractors getting burnt because they have missed a small aspect of the job and have to honour the bid. it’s such an easy thing to do but when you get sent a job to price, respond to the contractor and say “thanks for the email, under the pump will have a price to you by thursday afternoon. and when you do submit your quote on time, subconsciously it reinforces in the contractors mind that you are professional and dependable. familiarise yourself with the plans and if necessary get clarifications. it’s so easy to go into autopilot and miss something obvious, if you have your checklist and you have to consciously run down through it to check off these key items then you will catch most small things from the start.

with this in mind it is vital that you list your inclusions and exclusions on any quote you send out. a lot of the time plans are not complete or else the engineering and architect drawings can contradict each other and so you can make reasonable assumptions based on your experience, but it is vital you list these out so you are not stuck with the bill if those assumptions turn out to be wrong. if there is any disagreement you can go back to your original quote and point that you have accounted for, any alterations or additions will have to be done at a cost. if you want to include marked up plans with your quote, we think that’s a great option as well and it makes you stand out from the pack. it’s simple to get set up on and it makes you look professional. you can get set up on conx with your logo, input your licences and business numbers and all of this information will auto populate on any quote you generate.

drywall bid format

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drywall bid guide

as a commercial drywall contractor, a steady stream of jobs is key for keeping your business afloat. when you bid for a job to install commercial drywall, it’s important to note that there’s a lot of flexibility in terms of how the client can go about the process. when you see a commercial drywall job that spikes curiosity and you want to bid on it, you then prepare your submission. for example, it’s extremely important that the design of the bid sheet is clear so that a client can instantly read it, find your estimate, and the cost breakdown that leads up to it.

this means introducing your company to everyone you can on other jobs, while also working on building a digital presence for yourself through a website and social media. when you complete jobs, make sure to ask for a review or testimonial as well. this is especially important because the commercial drywall cost per square foot can vary based on where the job is and what types of material that you use. this is key for ensuring that you are making a decent profit on every job. “when they’re doing daily reports they understand now that if you take a picture of the issues you’re seeing in real time…”

as a rule of thumb, for any construction job, you want your estimate to be as accurate as possible. as a drywall contractor, it is best to use square footage as the baseline for estimating the cost of installation. you want to create a detailed drywall estimate listing the materials required for the job. finally, most of your drywall estimates will detail the materials you need to complete the job. the amount of drywall mud you need varies based on a few factors: to estimate the total amount of mud you need for a job, multiply the amount you need per square foot by the total number of square feet you will apply it.

an easy way to account for how much drywall mud you need for a project is to count how many sheets of drywall you plan on installing. for example, let’s say that you estimate a large drywall job is going to require 6 hours of labor, and it will take 2 workers to complete the job. hourly pricing is often preferred when the scope of a drywall job is not well-defined, as it gives you more flexibility. when you have a pool of candidates to choose from, you need to make sure that they’re the right person for the job. bidding on a drywall job is one of the best ways to land a contract as a drywall contractor, but you may need to contend with other contractors to get the job. there are many web-based drywall layout calculators that you can use to estimate how many sheets you need to complete a job.