dubsado proposal template

create a proposal that allows your clients to choose from a list of your offers, sign a contract, and pay — all on one page! a package displays your offers to your clients so they can decide what to purchase. your proposal form must have a package. quantity: adds a box so your clients can pick the amount of the item they’re ordering. click on the package element then click edit package. click the dropdown to edit the package. click on the form settings tab to add a contract and invoice. for detailed information, see connect a contract and invoice to a proposal.

toggle to yes to allow the use of the discount templates. see allow clients to apply a discount on proposals for details. toggling to yes means the proposal is only accessible to clients through their client portal. now you can send your proposal to your clients manually through a project or automatically through a workflow. test your proposal to ensure that you’re sending the proposal properly, especially if you’re sending the proposal through a workflow. once saved, you’re ready to send the proposal to your clients manually through a project or automatically through a workflow! for public proposals, you can also click the sharing icon to embed the proposal into your website or copy a direct link. the sharing icon is grayed out unless you made your proposal public by going to the form settings and changing create new project once proposal is completed to yes.

dubsado proposal overview

a public proposal allows you to simultaneously sell a product and capture new client information at the same time. to ensure your client information saves properly in dubsado, your proposal must include three short answer form elements. if the workflow that you want to start has a payment plan included, make sure you’ve left the payment plan section blank on the proposal or else your workflow will have an error. instead of a thank you message, your client is automatically redirected to a custom page outside of dubsado. the redirect url won’t work with a contract or invoice attached to the proposal. assign a project status to all new projects so you stay organized.

the project name of all newly created projects using the proposal. to customize, click on the client smart fields dropdown to add mapped smart fields for easier identification on the projects page. once the form is saved, click the share icon to embed the code to your website or share with a direct link! once you save changes to your proposal, those changes will update automatically on your website (if embedded) and at the direct link. see connect a contract and invoice for more details. you can customize the domain name to replace “hello.dubsado.com” with your own domain name.

proposals are one of our favorite forms because when you send them, you have the option to make it an easy 3-step process for your clients where they can choose a package in your proposal, sign the contract, and pay the invoice all in three streamlined steps. if you need to create any sort of graphics to add to your proposal, now would be the time. include a headshot of yourself and welcome them to the proposal. we said this before, but we just want to reiterate that once you apply a proposal to a project, it can be edited individually from within the project.

if you have a section heading for your packages, you can add that image(s) in there. this would be an image block in dubsado if your testimonial is a graphic. if this is a public proposal, you would also need boxes to gather the client’s information, which would usually go after the next steps and faq. before you know it, you’ll be getting referrals out the wazoo!

dubsado proposal format

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dubsado proposal guide

i want to show you how to do this for your own business and give you the confidence to know you are putting your best foot forward and knowing your potential clients are equipped with everything they need to make a well informed business decision. i like to start out with a big bold statement that evokes the essence of what you provide clients with—whether it be overall in your business or for this particular service. → highlight your top 3-5 reasons why working with you is different compared to what else is out there and the experience you provide your clients this showcases your portfolio with galleries or case studies to give potential client’s a taste for what’s possible for them ✨bonus tip!

people want to have confidence that they can count on you to guide them and give them an elevated level of service. make sure to take advantage of the amazing proposal-contract-invoice feature in dubsado to make it an absolutely seamless process for you and your clients. perfect for you if you feel meh about your forms and aesthetics are at the forefront of your brand so need to match your standout brand experience with templates for each of your dubsado form types. so i blended my skills and new-found love for efficient operations, my eye for stunning design, and white-glove client experiences to serve aesthetically-driven creatives just like you by streamlining + thoughtfully automating your client systems in dubsado so you can save hours per week + reduce the overwhelm of manual admin tasks to focus on your zone of genius, give your clients an unmatched experience + gain referrals as a result, increase your profits, and reach your next level of success.

when it comes to client management, dubsado is a game-changer, offering a number of features that significantly enhance efficiency. this not only saves you from having to send a number of emails to your clients and a lot of back and forth, but also accelerates the initial steps of client onboarding. client information: information from your client to set up their project in dubsado. if you provide dubsado services, you do not have permission to download this template. it helps clients get through those initial steps quickly to sign up and begin working with you. this means that clients can sign up to work with you directly on your website, without the need of a call first.

you can then trigger workflows based to send them a questionnaire to complete or a scheduler to book their first session – whatever are the first steps in your onboarding process. once your dubsado proposal is a public proposal, the ‘share’ menu will be enabled in your form. to send your public proposal you have two options: embed code: click the embed code to copy it, and place it in a code block on your website. depending on the template options you can add different elements to your form. the goal is to explain your offer and invite clients to work with you. if you have a free dubsado account and want to upgrade to a premier or starter account, use my code ‘emakatiraee’ and save 30% on your first month or year with dubsado. if you’re tired of diying your dubsado setup and feeling stuck, and an expert to take care of it all for you – the very first step is to book a free 20 minute discovery call.