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your goal might be to close down a refinery that had been guilty of dumping toxic chemicals in the community. what’s important is that you write it down in a form you can use, and that lets you check one part of the plan against the rest. the simplest way may be to use a loose-leaf binder or computer file, with one page for each of your major goals. when you look into your community support, for the next part of your plan, you may find a few surprises. are they going to be targets of change, as you work on their enforcement of the law?

the people and institutions of a community are connected in complicated ways, and people may see their own interests threatened if certain institutions seem to be under attack. it may be useful to brainstorm strategies in the group, and write down those that you feel will help you attain your goals. you will find plenty of discussion of specific tactics in other parts of the community tool box. your group is advocating an increase in funding for the clinic, and opening a new clinic to serve an area now without health-care facilities. planning for advocacy – this online pdf is a section from the advocacy toolkit for women in politics provided by un women.

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the https:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely. a logic model is a visual presentation of how your group will do its advocacy work, and of the theory and assumptions underlying the action plan you are seeking to implement. the campaign to control cancer in canada provides a good example of what an effective advocacy plan can achieve in terms of advancing the adoption of a comprehensive national cancer control strategy (see box, page 38).

the canadian strategy for cancer control was unveiled, in 2002, by an intersectoral coalition of governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders as a coordinated national health initiative intended to enable canada’s health systems meet the growing (more…) the campaign to control cancer (c2cc) canada – advocacy plan logic model 2008–2009. advocacy for comprehensive cancer control can be seen as an investment because good advocacy strategies will help to mobilize resources for the development of policies and for scaling up programmes, as in the case of united states of america (see box, page 42). all participants in your advocacy actions should be using the same messages, and be citing the same current evidence or facts.

below are tips to help guide you through developing your own clear and comprehensive advocacy plan. the best advocacy leaders can articulate a vision and use successes and failures to grow their organizations. do not silo your advocacy work whether your organization is strictly advocacy or advocacy is just one arm of the work your organization does, you should be thinking about your work holistically. the best advocacy strategies to grow your organization include a mix of fundraising, whether it is low-dollar or high-dollar, or grants.

determining who your audiences are will help you decide on the best messages and tactics to implement. advocacy organizing can help build a following for your organization and even grow membership. creating a message for advocacy you need to have a clear and compelling message that lays out a contrast between your vision and your opposition. by taking the time to build a comprehensive advocacy plan, your organization will set clear goals and define metrics to help you achieve your vision. more to read: advocacy planning is a big topic and there is no way we can put everything in one post, so here are more of our favorite posts on advocacy messages, strategy, tactics, coalition building, fundraising, and program evaluation for you to read.

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