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congratulations on earning the rank of life scout. historically in scouting, it was a fitting symbol of health and fitness, but it also represents the spirit of caring and giving that is behind the eagle scout service project. in many ways, your service project reflects who you are as a youth leader. your result should be of significant impact in your community to be special, and should represent your very best effort. we encourage you to seek guidance from your unit leader and project coach as you need help.

your eagle scout service project workbook, much like a compass, will help navigate your way to a life of service as a proud eagle scout. bray barnes is a recipient of the distinguished eagle scout award, silver beaver, silver antelope, silver buffalo, and learning for life distinguished service award. he received the messengers of peace hero award from the royal family of the kingdom of saudi arabia, and he’s a life member of the 101st airborne association and vietnam veterans association. he has also served as a senior executive for the u.s. department of homeland security, leading the first-responder program and has two u.s. presidential appointments david alexander is a baden-powell fellow, summit bechtel reserve philanthropist, and recipient of the silver buffalo and distinguished eagle scout award. glenn adams is a recipient of the silver beaver, silver antelope, silver buffalo, and distinguished eagle scout award. he is the former president of the national eagle scout association and established the glenn a. and melinda w. adams national eagle scout service project of the year award.

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in this article, i’ll be guiding you through how to plan and lead your own successful eagle project! before you get started on your eagle scout project, both you and your scoutmaster should go over the eagle scout service project workbook. most eagle project coaches know the eagle scout project workbook like the back of their hands and can help you to avoid making big mistakes in your planning process. before you can start on your eagle project, you’ll need to create a budget of your own to assess the costs of getting your idea done!

if you don’t already have a binder to use for your eagle project and rank application, i’d recommend this one (i use it too). using the eagle scout service project workbook, complete the first 3 sections to the best of your abilities. as the organizer of your eagle project, it’s your job to make sure that all your volunteers are engaged and kept in the loop. you’ve just completed the eagle project preparation phase and are now ready to move onto the fun part: actually making your project happen! until next time, i’m wishing you all the best on your journey to eagle and beyond!

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