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if you lack any of the elements, you have little chance to thrive with the project. the main idea of this academic assignment is to provide the professor and other readers with an opportunity to give feedback on the topic, research objectives, and arguments you have selected. in short, an essay proposal is a brief description of the future essay. while in certain instances, college students will be offered a list of topics for proposal essay writing, sometimes learners will have to make the decision independently. if you strive to come up with a relevant essay topic, you should start with a comprehensive analysis of the subject and its specifications.

writing an impeccable proposal essay starts with choosing a relevant topic that will attract the reader’s attention and make the paper stand out. the prominence of the preparatory stage should never be underestimated, as it is a certain way to smooth and stress-free process. a proposal essay outline is an integral part of the writing process. at the same time, stick to the basic guidelines and tips that will help you create a well-structured and coherent paper. writing a proposal essay with a step-by-step guide is much easier and faster, but this is not the only help you can get. moreover, the experienced speedypaper writers are always ready to provide you with custom-created papers from scratch.

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the essay topic i have selected is statistics and football. the first article proposes an analysis method called least squares for using available data on college football teams to select the overall best college football team in a given year. the second article concentrates on high school football, and defines a numerical measure of consistency and predictability called c-p, which i think is the extent to which the better team tends to win. my goal is to understand as well as i can the use of least squares methods (with reference to the first article) and the c-p measure (with reference to the second article). i am not sure it will be feasible to read all of the bell curve, especially the technical parts, so i will plan to concentrate on chapters that discuss actual data sources, and spend little or no time on the chapters on social policy implications.

the articles in the bell curve debate that i will consider are those that particularly address the statistical arguments that the authors of the bell curve use. the essay topic i have selected is the link between childhood leukemia and alcohol consumption of the mother during pregnancy that was reported in the minnesota star tribune on jan.3, 1996, and included in chance news 5.01 on the world wide web. the study was published in the january 2nd issue of the journal of the national cancer institute, and i plan to base my essay on that article. since i don’t know what relative risk is, or how the analysis was carried out, i will need to refer to some articles or textbooks on statistical methods in medicine, which i can hopefully find in the references to the jnci article. i will look for most of the information on the world wide web.

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