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download the free sponsorship strategy guide and learn how to create a sponsorship strategy that maximizes event revenue ????. however, determining what financial success means for your event depends on the type of event and objectives. your meetings and events are about the attendee experience, so you have to ensure that you’re investing in aspects of your even that add value to your target audience. for a fully customized and branded virtual event, there are three common expenses that planners should consider budgeting for: the costs attributed to each of these line items will vary based on the scale of the event you are organizing.

an event budget proposal is a document or presentation you’ll put together to convince stakeholders at your business to sign off on. if possible, arrange a meeting with your company’s accounting or financial officer to review the format of your event budget. using qualitative and quantitative event data you are better able to quantify the performance of your event and show impact. in this example event budget, you would stand to profit if you could get at least 750 attendees, and your profit would increase the more attendees you can bring in. evaluating and analyzing your event’s financial performance can be complicated, but doing so allows you to make smarter choices for future conferences or meetings.

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to do this, you should take these steps: start with the basics, you should clearly identify the type of event you’re planning and the overall budget for the event. while building your event program with these high-level items and estimates, you will have a better projection of the total expenses.â  now it’s time to share the projected budget with your stakeholders. at this point, you should be identifying the right vendors for each area of your budget and entering into formal agreements and contracts for the event.â  tip: if you’re new to events, take time to build relationships with your vendors.

the next step is to actualize your budget and ensure you’re staying in the green. you’ll need to share that number with your stakeholders and it will be helpful in measuring outcomes from your event.â  if you had any major savings, highlight those savings in your actual budget vs. the projected budget. additionally, analyzing your budget immediately following your event will make it easier for you to plan and make adjustments for future events.

event budgets are among the most important aspects of event planning and management. in this article, you’ll find event planning budget templates to help keep you on track. in this way, these free event budget templates can help you check planned against actual costs, and verify the accuracy of profit projections. this event budget template for excel can be used for any type of event. it also offers charts for visualizing actual versus projected profit and loss, so you can track the accuracy of your event budget forecast.

this event budget worksheet will give you an idea of how much revenue is needed to recoup expenses, what price to charge for admission, and how many tickets must be sold to make a profit. this template for event planning and budgeting is used to calculate costs and incomes for a large conference. it offers a sample event budget for a multi-day conference event, and automatically calculates planned and actual costs for venue rentals, audio-visual equipment, speaker fees, hotel rooms, food and beverages for each day of the conference, printing and signage, and more. the smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. develop a strategic marketing plan perfect for your company’s needs and demands with customizable templates made for a variety of industries.

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if you want to give people the experience of a lifetime, you need to be efficient with your money—and that means budgeting. without an event budget, it’s difficult to determine the return on investment (roi) for corporate events, and it makes for a very nervous father of the bride at a wedding. for instance, a corporate event might allocate a large portion of the budget to securing a swanky venue. and it increases the chances for event success in the eyes of the host. you want a venue that will work with you to meet goals, find catering, and even prepare for the event.

having the correct audio and visual equipment is critical to your event success. include a substantial chunk of change for signage and branding in your event budget. the quality and type of catering you choose can make or break your event budget. if you can make it with just appetizers and a few free glasses of champagne, the costs can drop significantly. the type of transportation you choose will depend on the event and can greatly affect your budget. take advantage of the gig economy to staff banquet servers, bartenders, event chefs, and other qualified hospitality staff.

from team-building seminars to product launches, trade shows, and board meetings, most organizations plan corporate events from time to time. finance managers, event planners, and event managers will be familiar with the challenges of creating an accurate event budget. most event budgets include line items like: the estimated costs for an event can vary a lot, depending on factors like attendance—so it’s important to ask for rsvps and get an accurate headcount. you’ll need to include a contingency fund in your budget to give yourself some extra runway and avoid overspending. if you’re just getting started with budget planning for your next event, our free event budget template is a great resource to have. while a budget spreadsheet is a great way to get started with your planning, in the long run, you may prefer an easier solution for keeping track of your event budget.

to get started with expense tracking, check out our list of the 10 best expense management software solutions. using the travelperk events module, event organizers can easily manage the event travel planning process from start to finish—including budgeting. our sophisticated reporting solutions give you access to key data on travel spending, all organized in one single visual report. otherwise, have a look at our printable event budget template to create a simple event budget for any type of get-together. trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, travelperk makes business travel simpler to manage with more flexibility, full control of spending with easy reporting, and options to offset your carbon footprint. find hundreds of resources on all things business travel, from tips on traveling more sustainably, to advice on setting up a business travel policy, and managing your expenses. stay in touch with us on social for the latest product releases, upcoming events, and articles fresh off the press.