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the buyer is interested in the procurement of services and asks prospective vendors to submit business proposals on a timely basis. the requirements are all the same in order to evaluate responses in a comprehensive and fair manner. take the time to give the recipient of your rfp a comprehensive overview of your company and the meeting you are asking them to bid on. tell them in a clear and concise manner what you are looking for from the event host. is this a one-shot event or are you looking to hold this meeting for multiple years at this destination?

in addition, it is vital to tell them the dates you are thinking of holding the event and whether or not those dates are flexible. let the hotel or conference center know whether or not they are likely to bring their partner and/or family to this event. it is important to share your sleeping room rate range and whether or not room reservations will be taken by you or made directly with the hotel. let them know when you will make the initial cut and if there will be a presentation required after that. if you email your rfp to various hotels and destinations, use this to tailor the template to your specific needs. also, be sure to include a back-up contact in case you are unavailable.

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as event planners, we’re in luck: when it comes to venue sourcing, the market is moving from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. tell the venue the dates and times you have in mind. while you don’t need to nail down the day-of schedule just yet, give the venue an estimate of how much time you’ll need for set-up or post-event teardown. depending on the type of event, it might be helpful to lay out what will happen at the event. will you need an onsite office or storage? for a conference, arrivals might happen over a longer period. you don’t yet need to know what you’ll serve, but think more generally: do you want a continental breakfast buffet? this will give the venue a better idea of the revenue coming from your event. again, the hotel might give you discounts elsewhere for guaranteeing booked rooms.

when will you shortlist the venues you want to visit? how long will it take you to decide? decide what you want to ask for, then see what the venues propose. for instance, if you know your attendees’ budget for a hotel room is $150, you shouldn’t get rfps from luxury hotels. if you don’t specify this, the venue will offer you a $95 meal without tax and service. if you want great food at your event, let the hotel know your budget and the style of food or theme you’re looking for. there are many ways to save money for you and your attendees. here are a few ideas: when you’re done negotiating the event venue proposal, ask the venue to prepare a contract. for instance, you might be required to fill a set number of hotel rooms or meet a food & beverage minimum (even if fewer people attend than expected. the organization will distribute your request to member venues (and other vendors, if you like), and the proposals will start rolling in.

the rfp process is your opportunity to reevaluate the goals of your event and reimagine the experiences that you’d like to provide to your attendees. the end result will equip you and your team with sufficient details to weigh each company, compare and decide. think about your audience demographics and the energy you’d like to give your event. what are the top three things you want your event to accomplish? is this event meant to be a fun distraction for your company’s hard-working employees?

explaining your end goal and what a successful event looks like to you helps the event team better prioritize the things you need to create your ideal event. knowing these details will help your event management team better prepare you for anticipated labor charges and will help eliminate unexpected overtime or double overtime costs after the event. production companies will include equipment that supports the scenic and stage designs that they are proposing, but you should include any mandatory equipment needs in your rfp. for education sessions and other spaces, be sure to include details on the typical room setup. think about any other event production services your team needs and list out everything you want help with or would like to explore. our team is available and excited to share innovative creativity and years of expertise to help you enhance the strategy, design, and production of your next event.

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our seasoned event planners share what an event rfp is, when and why your organization should use one, and how to create an effective rfp. this post shares what an event rfp is, when and why your organization should use one, and how to create an effective rfp. an event request for proposal (rfp) is a document that outlines the specifics of an event you’re planning and invites potential vendors or service providers to submit proposals on how they’d execute it. they provide an opportunity to create a comprehensive event blueprint, giving vendors a clear understanding of your organization’s goals and vision for the event. an effective rfp sets the stage for vendors to deliver creative, innovative solutions tailored to your needs. here are some situations where an event rfp can be beneficial: the primary reason for using an rfp, however, is to ensure that the vendors you’re considering are the right fit for your event. creating an rfp may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. at the very core, your rfp should include a detailed scope of work, proposal submission guidelines, and transparent evaluation criteria.

this can include event concept development, venue selection, budget planning, vendor coordination, event programming, promotion, and more. this typically includes a company overview, experience, proposed approach, detailed timeline, and a comprehensive budget proposal. this is typically based on the quality of the proposed approach, experience, cost, and references. to help organizations create the best possible rfp for their event, prosal is releasing an easy-to-use event rfp template and a guide on how to use it. an event rfp aims to lay the groundwork for a successful event. by clearly outlining your event’s requirements and goals, you’ll ensure vendors can meet your needs, resulting in an event that exceeds your expectations. in the ever-evolving world of event planning, an rfp is a tool that consistently delivers. it’s a testament to the saying, “well begun is half done.” alfredo is the coo and cmo of prosal.

with a projected 11.2% cagr growth rate in the event industry between 2021 and 2028, it’s only logical that event organizers need to be more robust in their planning strategies than ever before. creating an rfp allows event organizers to map out the requirements for their event. rfps also help event organizers differentiate between bidders who aren’t capable of the job and bidders who send proposals that are tailored to your needs. to design an event rfp that works, you must first outline the event’s objectives, goals, and mission. following the definition of the project’s scope, you need to develop a timeline.

when crafting an rfp, be clear and concise when detailing the elements that make up the foundation of your project. the clearer the evaluation process is, the more accurate the proposals are likely to be. additionally, this approach streamlines the selection process for vendors and helps vendors understand how to emphasize the specifics of your project in their proposals. you can make sure that all vendors provide the same information by standardizing the information you expect to receive. an event rfp is a document that outlines the scope of your event. kaltura’s rfp template gives you the much-needed starter pack you need to make your next event a success story.