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imagine the wilmington riverwalk extending past the city’s train station, around the 7th st. peninsula, and on to the west bank of the brandywine river. in 2018, the wilmington area planning council completed the 7th st. peninsula study to determine how limited bicycle/pedestrian (and vehicular) access to the area impacted economic growth and private investment. delaware greenways was thrilled to submit a letter of support for the u.s. department of transportation’s neighborhood access and equity grant submitted by deldot.

the riverwalk extension will connect city neighborhoods, the peninsula, northern delaware greenway trail to the jack a. markell trail and national park sites. our thanks to state senator darius j. brown, deldot, riverfront development corporation and all who have engaged in moving the riverfront extension project forward. coalition of business, community and government leaders advocating for a continuous trail around and through the city of wilmington, praise federal funding for trail connecting newport with the markell trail in wilmington.

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the success and impact of fsgep program activities identified in this proposal will be evaluated in the next pat review scheduled for 2004, as well as in annual programmatic reviews conducted by fsgep administration. florida is second only to california in the number of seafood processing and wholesaling facilities. however, a recent success is the development and culture of hard clams that has grown from a farm gate of $5 million in 1995 to over $16 million in 2000. florida is a major tourism destination. figure 1 the assistant director for florida sea grant extension works in liaison with off-campus faculty and campus based faculty in matters of program planning and delivery. in addition, fsgep faculty provide a quarterly report of activities that are posted on the florida sea grant web page (www.flseagrant.org). a discussion of this planning process in the development of major county plans of work (cpows) is covered in a later section of this proposal (see program planning and evaluation). individually, fsgep faculty provide leadership in a number of regional and national activities. fsgep faculty provided leadership in the planning, development and implementation of marinanet, a sea grant sponsored program that serves marine industries. for example, fsgep faculty have been involved in applied research projects on the fisheries of cuba and other caribbean countries. florida cooperative extension program planning and evaluation efforts of fsgep are tied closely to the extension plan of work (pow) and report of accomplishments (roa). for fsgep faculty, these activities are generated in the extension plan of work process that is discussed in the next section. each off-campus fsgep faculty member has an established advisory committee made up of key marine and coastal resource users in the community. measuring success and evaluating performance – accountability of program activities is very important to the florida sea grant program on both an individual and organizational basis. the bottom line in all activities is that fsgep faculty can demonstrate and document that they “have made a difference” as a result of their educational and outreach activities. a major program goal is “to improve the product quality and safety of florida’s seafood products.” quarterly reports of accomplishments are reported by county and state faculty. the six smps and sea grant design team faculty contacts are listed in table 3. approximately 65% of fsgep faculty time is planned. findings will be used by federal and state officials to evaluate the impact and recovery of sponge populations affected by major sponge die-off and will use this analysis in making management decisions about harvesting this fishery resource.

the panel’s report will be presented to the advisory committees and panels. (novak: 2002) 7) a volunteer reef dive team will increase their knowledge on the essential elements of reef and water quality monitoring. (adams: 2002-2003) 4) three hundred hard clam growers will become aware of the economic advantages and disadvantages in utilizing the remote setting process to obtain clam seed for growout. (mahan: 2002-2005) 14) work with franklin county airport manager and seafood processors to establish a seafood processing/freezer operation at the airport. (adams: 2002) background statement: the present and future economic well-being of florida is inextricably linked to our coastal and marine resources. in seeking to protect and enhance coastal water quality, it is important to recognize the linkages of florida estuarine functions to the broader hydrological system and be aware of the variability of these systems, cyclical and otherwise. (tavares: 2002) 4) develop a “business plan” for estuarine extension program (jacoby: 2003) 5) organize an international conference that explores the application of social science to natural resource and water quality issues. florida sea grant participates in various fellowship and scholarship programs and traditional research assistantships that serve to broaden the experiences of graduate students, and in some cases, undergraduates. florida sea grant also will continue to invest in its faculty and staff so they have the necessary skills and training to meet the long-term needs of the organization. (combs: 2002-2005) 5) 4-h youth in the state will increase their knowledge of marine and coastal science through their participation in the annual 4-h marine ecology state event. focus of the newsletter will be on increasing the reader’s awareness and understanding of the marine and coastal environment. ideally, an off-campus fsgep faculty member should be based in each of the 35 coastal counties, with some responsibility toward the inland counties, since one can argue that the entire state is connected to its coastal and marine areas. there are increasing demands for materials and programs that focus on the development and maintenance of marine tourism businesses, and how communities plan and implement coastal tourism economic development activities. coastal hazards specialist – there are increasing demands and conflicts in the development of florida’s coastal communities. this is the standard mode of operations and fiscal survival strategies for most sea grant extension programs. due to these funding constraints and ever-increasing demands among the marine and coastal resource users in the state of florida, fsgep faculty will continue to be selective in the projects they conduct. university of florida indirect costs rates (overhead) are 20% for on campus operations and 17% for off campus operations. it is the hope that fsgep faculty will be successful in fy02 and fy03 to secure extramural funds to augment their travel.

if project work is ongoing and funds remain available to cover project expenses, requesting an extension of the project period may be appropriate. a “no-cost extension” means that the project end date is extended (changed to a later date) but no additional funds are added by the sponsor to cover the extension period. unobligated funds from the current year must be available to cover project costs during the extension period.

make the request earlier if sponsor approval of the extension is required. extension of subawards issued by umb: if desired by the umb pi and after the project has been extended in quantum, use the subaward request to initiate a no-cost extension of the subaward. the university of maryland, baltimore is the founding campus of the university system of maryland. the university of maryland, baltimore is the founding campus of the university system of maryland.

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