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the decision about which organizations should receive funds is made at the country level via a process facilitated by the ‘coordinating entity’. for more information, please consult ecw’s operational manual. for more information, please consult ecw’s operational manual. acceleration facility applications are either directly selected or identified via a call for proposals in thematic priority areas.

for more information, please consult ecw’s operational manual. at the application stage, the ecw secretariat provides grantees with the necessary access to the online system to fill their respective application and reporting templates. more information on ecw’s reporting guidelines (how, when and on what to report) and resources are available on the reporting resources page. grantees are expected to provide visibility to ecw investments and acknowledge ecw’s funding contributions throughout the implementation of ecw-funded programmes.

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as a mentor, you have access to a variety of resources designed to facilitate effective research, from ongoing workshops, to guidelines around safety and health, to tips for supporting students who are working remotely. and we’re always here to help you explore other options and resources—just get in touch if you think we might be able to help or have suggestions for us.

we offer fer workshops throughout the year, and can offer a smaller dedicated session for your department or lab group. from lab safety and intellectual property to application guidelines and immigration questions, mit has a range of resources to help you navigate whatever issues might arise over the course of a urop. we’ve assembled a series of resources designed to help you think about how best to reshape the experience.

these requirements are in addition to the requirements of the nc state graduate school. many questions related to graduate school policies and rules are addressed on the graduate school frequently asked questions website. courses considered for transfer must be completed in post-baccalaureate classification at an accredited graduate school with a grade of “b” or better as documented by an official transcript and approved by the student’s graduate committee. leaves of absence are an exception to continuous registration and a total of 2 semesters leave of absence are allowed for a degree program. as a masters candidate, your advisory committee consists of at least 3 people who are members of the graduate faculty. you may also choose to ask a member of the graduate faculty at unc chapel hill, unc greensboro or duke university to serve on your advisory committee as one of your three committee members.

in the case of an interdisciplinary minor, the minor representative must have an appointment in a department in which at least one of the courses counted toward the minor is taught. typically these external members hold credentials similar to other members and participate in all aspects of the committee, including voting. if co-chairs are designated, at least one of them must be a full member of the graduate faculty. one member of the committee must have an appointment in the curriculum that is your declared minor. typically these external members hold credentials similar to other members and participate in all aspects of the committee, including voting. the pow is described in detail in the grad student handbook.

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