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please review the below table to determine when you will receive your financial aid offer based on your cohort and program. the university of arizona initially offers financial aid to undergraduate students assuming they will be enrolled full-time (12+ units) for both the fall and spring semesters. review summer-specific information specific to summer enrollment on the summer financial aid webpage. osfa will automatically adjust the financial aid for students not enrolled full-time prior to initially releasing the student’s financial aid for the semester.

federal regulations require the university of arizona to resolve all oas before additional financial aid can be released. osfa will add a placeholder for the additional funding expected by the student and coordinate the student’s financial aid accordingly to avoid overawards or overpayments that could cause a student’s financial aid to be reduced or canceled later. all changes to a student’s financial aid offer will be viewable to the student in their uaccess student center at to do items can have serious impacts such as preventing a student from being awarded or preventing a student’s financial aid from being released.

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a financial aid offer shows how much financial aid you can receive when attending a specific college. students receiving athletic scholarships will receive their financial aid offer by july 1. the financial aid offer includes all available funds. returning students will receive an email with a link to their financial aid offer in banner 9 self service – financial aid around june 15. students receiving athletic scholarships will receive their financial aid offer by july 1. financial aid offers are made available in june to allow for the posting of the current academic year’s grades. the financial aid offer includes all available funds.

visit the financial aid adjustments page for more information and to stay informed about any potential changes before the start of the semester. this significant affiliation underscores miami’s commitment to the principles and standards championed by the ccti, which aims to provide comprehensive and understandable details to prospective and current students about the cost of higher education. the ccti focuses on making student financial aid offers clear, accurate, and helpful. miami strives to promote fairness, accessibility, and clarity in the financial aid process, ultimately contributing to a more equitable higher education landscape.

by spring of your senior year you’ve probably applied to college, filled out your financial aid forms, and been accepted by schools you’re interested in going to. the financial aid offer will help you understand the costs for your first year of college and every year you plan to attend. no matter what the colleges call it, this offer will help you determine how much college will cost. if you’re a first-year student applying to four-year colleges, you’ll get your financial aid award letter after receiving a college acceptance. if you’re a first-year student applying to two-year colleges, you can expect your financial aid offers later in the spring or early summer. no matter where you are on your college journey, if you think you should have received a financial aid offer and haven’t, you should call the college financial aid office to check your financial aid status.

if you expect to receive the financial aid offer via regular mail, let your household know to be on the lookout. if posted to your student portal, make sure you have the correct login information. college can be expensive, and for many students, costs are one of the most important considerations when making college decisions. financial aid awards show how much aid you’ll get from the college, state, and federal government to lower college costs for you and your family. let’s review a few important components that will help you understand your financial aid and what to do next. next, get ready to review and compare your financial aid offers so you understand how much you’ll need to pay for college.

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financial offer guide

the college financing plan has been previously referred to as the financial aid shopping sheet. the college financing plan is a consumer tool that participating institutions use to notify students about their financial aid package. in july 2012, the u.s. department of education (department) released the college financing plan and asked institutions to voluntarily commit to using it to supply financial aid information to students in a way that could be understood and compared easily.

the department worked with the department of veteran’s affairs, the national association of college and university business officers (nacubo), financial aid administrators and other stakeholders, and received valuable input to create the graduate and professional school form. the html specifications include a “download” button on the college financing plan so that students may save their student aid offer information in xml, a machine-readable format. we encourage institutions providing students with their college financing plan in electronic format to include this feature. institutions delivering the college financing plan in print form may remove the “download” button.

newly admitted students that have met the priority fafsa deadline begin receiving financial aid offers in the mail starting in late march. financial aid offers are mailed throughout the year based on the date the fafsa was completed. your financial aid offer represents the uo’s best offer of assistance based on your student aid index (replaces “estimated family contribution” beginning with the 2024-25 fafsa).

financial aid offers cannot be negotiated and we do not match offers from other schools. *fafsa update: while the 2024–25 fafsa has been available since early january, no fafsas have been processed by the u.s. department of education or sent to schools yet (including the university of oregon). once a student’s fafsa data is received by the uo, the student will receive a confirmation email that will provide an update on the expected time frame for financial aid offers.