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the purpose of an event proposal is to win the job. using our free event proposal template is a valuable tool in that everything is laid out for you and you simply fill in the blanks. at the top of the event proposal template is a section in which you can identify the name of the event, the date on which it begins, its duration and the number of attendees you’re expecting. you need to know what they want and explain why you’re the team that can give it to them. list the kpis that you can track to show how successful the event was.

an event proposal template is a great tool to help you get started on the real work of building a persuasive bid for a client. what you want is a more collaborative, dynamic and real-time tool that can connect everyone, from your team to the client. once you win the bid, you’ll need to turn that proposal into a plan. plus, you can plan, manage and track the work in real time. with our color-coded workload chart, you can quickly see if your team is over-allocated and reallocate tasks right from the chart to balance the workload. deliver faster, collaborate better, innovate more effectively — without the high prices and months-long implementation and extensive training required by other products.

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this template offers a structure and examples to help you create a clear, comprehensive proposal for any event. hubspot tip: make specific updates to the template for each new event you are managing. mention key events that you have planned in the past, focusing on ones that are similar to the event you are currently proposing. this list does not need to be specific to this particular event proposal; you should include all of the event management services that your company offers. in this section, you should provide an overview of your team and the role each member will play in managing this event. hubspot tip: consider including professional headshots of your proposed team, to personalize the proposal and connect faces with the names. after giving a brief introduction, present the important details of the event, perhaps using the table below as a template.

feel free to edit them to the specifics of the event you are proposing. hubspot tip: including a detailed schedule highlights your credibility and shows your ability to execute the event on time. you can present and total them in a table like the one below. most likely, you will need a signature from the client, and payment of a deposit. hubspot tip: consider including your contact information (email address and phone number) so that the customer can get in touch with you quickly to discuss the proposal, if necessary. if you have photos of past events, consider collecting and including them at the end of your proposal to give the client a sense of your style and skillset. you might even consider including photos throughout your proposal to illustrate your points in each section. if you want professional information, please consult your own attorney.

mastering the skill of making a good event proposal sample will make you a front-runner in the event planning competition. planners usually already have a template for any event planning proposal because such can make their design look more professional, not to mention the time saved in planning. the venue of the event should also be a major point of consideration. nevertheless, the event proposal can include a suggestion for a program to have a flow of how the whole event will progress. for the more experienced, there are some ways to prevent this fatigue while making the job of writing the proposal a lot easier.

you and your planning team will display the main competencies of your event planning experiences before your client. as the event planner, you can articulately communicate to your client your perception of what he needs along with how you will carry them out. this will get your client’s attention, and he can start picturing what the event will look like. this will give your client the chance to either correct or confirm such assumptions, if necessary. giving the client the chance to affix his signature and agree with your proposal is a good idea.

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the text, images, colours, your logo – it’s all 100% editable. the first thing your client sees is a beautifully designed cover, fit for a world-class event planner. you can change the text, your logo, and the background image if you like – this gets you started. choose a cover for your proposal from the marketplace or create your own. explaining the event planning process can be difficult. you can tweak it to suit your exact process. the number of event planners that simply don’t put examples of their work in their proposal templates is shocking. if you want to be taken seriously, you need to show that you understood the client’s issues and came up with a solution that was successful. all you need to do is replace our example with one of yours and use the structure we’ve used.

in this automatically calculated pricing table, all you do is put the numbers in, type a quick 1-line description of the service and the quote part of your proposal is done. this proposal template comes with a ‘next steps’ page which you shouldn’t need to alter at all. simply detail the next steps your client will go through and ask them to sign digitally by typing their name and clicking accept. getting paid – it’s the hardest thing to do in business. the sooner and the easier you can get that money in your account the better. if you want to convince investors and sponsors to sponsor your event, you need a compelling event sponsorship proposal. attention to detail is very important in the travel industry. this transportation proposal has all you need to win new deals. use our transportation proposal to win new deals. all in once place.