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but we’ve done the work for you and gathered everything you need to know in one place with the 10 best gantt chart systems out there. teamgantt features: overall, you’ll find a lot of great options with teamgantt, especially if you want to get started with some of the more basic features and skip some of the more complicated things (or at least leave them until later). you’ll be able to do all of the project management that you need and then some. wrike features: overall, you’ll find that wrike has a lot of features and there are plenty of options when it comes to the different plans.

plus you get different options for the style of board that you want to use, which makes it easy for you to find something. this system gives you a whole lot of highly detailed options and some of the most customizable reports that you’ll find with any of the other systems. on the other side you’ll find that it can be a little difficult to figure out some of the options because there are so many features. but if you want things to be clear and concise you’re likely in the right place.on the downside you’ll find that it doesn’t have a lot of advanced features. for anyone who thinks more features are better, this may be the way to go.the downside with monday is that it can be a little confusing to figure out which system you want to use.

from a planning perspective, you can link tasks and milestones with the help of dependencies to see which ones need to finish before others start. you can draw task groups, tasks, and milestones on the timeline with a click and drag action. this basically allows you to take a snapshot of the current planning and compare it with the actual progress at different points in time. when you create a project, you can import it from a csv or jira to simplify the process. creating a portfolio gantt chart is also intuitive; you just need to have more than one project and select the ones you want to be included. in terms of navigation, project managers can hover over a minimap instead of using the vertical and horizontal scrolls to reach the preferred area inside the gantt chart. all you have to do is set start and end dates for each task, and the gantt software will do its job.

you first need to define project segments on the left column (read task lists or groupings), then draw your tasks with a drag and drop action under each segment. another cool feature is the icebox, which acts as a backlog of tasks, ready to be dragged on the timeline. when it comes to exporting, apart from the excel and xml formats, you can also do it in a g calendar, ical, or outlook calendar link. but the moment you want to add a second level of tasks on the gantt chart, you can only import them from the floating tasks bucket. ntask does allow you to copy the overall gantt chart and re-use it for a similar project. this makes it a valuable tool to plan tasks in advance along with their start and end dates, identify who’s responsible for them, and have the project delivery date in close sight. you want to calculate the weighted average duration of a task rather than its actual duration to determine an optimistic and pessimistic project schedule. a common task calendar for the whole team is another visual way to know when tasks should start and end.

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