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keep reading for information on how to write a grant budget that’s detailed, evidence-driven, and representative of your nonprofit’s mission. with many organizations competing for funding, a grant budget proposal is one of the more objective components of your application. at the end of the day, you should present your budget in a format that’s easy to understand. paying an electricity bill to keep the lights on in your office is a good example of an indirect expense.

many grants will allow you to allot or negotiate a certain percentage of funding to indirect costs that you incur while running your organization. using the data will help you confidently justify your numbers to funders if there are any questions. a grant narrative is the story of what your nonprofit would do with grant money if you received it, and it needs to align with the logistics of your budget. if it’s not clear how a specific line item connects to your grant narrative, you can always include footnotes to add clarifying details to your story.

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in order to determine how much you will spend, you must know what activities and services you will provide, when they will be provided and by whom. plan out all the activities in a monthly timeline and think of all the people you will need to do the work. determine what qualifications each person will need and whether you will hire them as an employee or if they will be retained as an independent contractor. estimate how long it will take for each person to carry out the tasks s/he will perform. human resources will also provide you with a current and projected rate of pay which can be used for budgeting. human resources can tell you how many hours an employee can work in a week to be considered full or part-time. to obtain the correct rate of pay and fringe benefit rate, be sure to submit job descriptions to human resources before you finalize your budget. the sponsor may suggest a budget format it prefers with particular budget categories.

use the sponsor’s budget format or template to complete your budget. contact the director of grant initiatives to obtain the current f&a rate. the budget justification describes what will be spent and why it is needed to make the project successful. for example, if you will be buying supplies you should state the unit price of each item, the number of units to be purchased, and how they will be used. if you will be traveling include the cost of airfare, train tickets, hotel costs, ground transportation and per diem amounts for the city you will be traveling to. if you will attend a conference include the conference fee. if you plan to hire a consultant or independent contractor, obtain an estimate from the contractor for the services they will provide. however, every grant application is unique, and you must follow the guidelines specified in the individual solicitation. the following budget justifications are primarily for university research grants, but the same principals apply to all budget justifications.

while financial support is crucial for conducting research, acquiring funds for your research is a challenging task and so is planning the budget for grant proposal! a grant budget is important to paint the financial picture of your research proposal to the funders. the detailed budget for grant proposal should be clear, well organized and easy to understand. generally, about 5–15% of the total budget is provisioned as overhead charges, which is credited to the institution directly.

while you are seeking for funds, the funder is interested in investing in projects that bring other resources to the table. so stick to the narrative of your research and align the budget of grant proposal to it. try these tips while drafting the next budget for your grant proposal and let us know how it works out for you and your colleagues. our author-focused webinars and workshops primarily cater to the needs of esl authors, early-stage researchers, and graduate students who want to know more about the issues pertinent to successful publication.

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