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developing a proofreading strategy can greatly improve the quality of your federal grant application. now, you and your writing team need to outline the impact that your proposed project will have on the wildlife reserve. below, we continue our grant writing series with tips for defining and projecting the impact of a proposed project.

along with each tip, we also include an excerpt from an award-winning federal grant proposal that can be viewed in full on the website of the institute of museum and library services. when preparing your federal grant application, you would do well to put yourself – and your team – in the shoes of the people who will be evaluating it. as with many projects in life, it is best to begin your planning and writing as early as you can. on top of strategizing, conducting meetings, and writing a compelling proposal, there are other little-but-necessary tasks on the path to successfully submitting your application that you should do well before the closing date.

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a key part of grant writing basics is the ability to demonstrate your passion for the work of your nonprofit and to share that passion with the grantmaker. think of it like selling your nonprofit and the project that you have planned to someone who has no knowledge of your organization. you may include a description of the need that your project serves in this section and then expand on it within the project narrative. if you have ever taken a grant writing course or have prior knowledge of grant writing for nonprofits, then you know that preparation is key.

funding priorities will change over time, so it is important to make sure you have the most current information.‍ to help make sure that you have all the necessary information and documents required for grant writing, you need to understand the application process of the grantmaker. you need to know the amount of funding that you need for your project and make sure that you have researched accurate pricing for the items included in your project budget. you also want to tell your story in a concise way so that you do not lose the attention of the reviewers. following up will demonstrate that you know the timeline and have a strong interest in working with the funder. to make sure things align well, you will also need to know your project and understand why you need the funding.

grant writing is the process of crafting a written proposal to receive grant funding from a grant making institution in order to fund a program or project. a grant is a financial award to support a person, organization, project, or program. we’ve covered all the basics, but there’s a bit more important context to understand as you launch your grant writing journey. you know that grants provide funding to organizations to do good work in their communities, but how does this relate to the bigger concept of fundraising?

remember that fundraising isn’t so much about asking for money as it is about inviting others who have a passion for what you do to join you in your mission. we’ll summarize the key points to understand for each step, but please check out our longer grant writing process explainer for a deep dive into the nitty gritty. these how-to videos offer a smattering of webinar replays from our online grant writing training and feature topics such as working remotely, project management, fundraising, and how to utilize the freedom of information act for federal funding. whether you’re looking to win more funding for your nonprofit or break out into a new freelance field, anyone can succeed with grant writing with the right preparation and practice. we made this video to answer your questions about how to build a career in grant writing without the fear of where you will find clients or the fear of failure.

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