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you also need to look for resources and templates by searching the special item number(s) in the look-up table. if your reference will only provide the ppq directly to a mas procurement contracting officer, you can upload a letter in place of the questionnaire that states that you have requested a ppq from a customer who will only forward it directly to the pco. if you are proposing to offer services, you must submit a professional compensation plan that explains your company policies on salaries and fringe benefits for employees who will work under your contract.

if you are the reseller of a product, changes to the end user license agreement must have a signature of approval from the manufacturer. if your sin(s) are not eligible, or you choose not to participate in tdr, you will need to complete a price proposal template (see above table for templates) that indicates any discounts you currently provide to the commercial marketplace and what you are offering the federal government. if you provide a csp-1, you need to demonstrate that the pricing is the same or better than what you currently offer your most-favored customer. you must explain deviations from your csp-1, including the circumstances and frequency of deviations.

gsa price proposal overview

the pricing section is the most complex section of the gsa proposal. in this blog, we will help you understand what is included in the pricing section of the gsa schedule proposal and how to best set yourself up for success. this research gives you insight into competitor prices and the amount of business being done in your industry through the gsa schedule. it is essential to note that the information included will depend on your pricing support and whether you use commercial sales practices (csp) or transactional data reporting (tdr). commercial sales practices are also used to determine which of your customers or customer class is offered the lowest price.

however, you will still need to include several aspects of the pricing section including a ppt, pricing narrative (as discussed below), and pricing support, you just won’t need to disclose various discounts your company provides to commercial customers. a pricing narrative accompanies the ppt, and the narrative shows the thought process behind your pricing strategy and shows that you understand gsa compliance regulations. understanding what the gsa looks for is critical in completing a well-thought-out pricing section. if you want to learn more about the gsa schedule acquisition process and tips for getting a gsa schedule, check out our blog and monthly newsletter. stephen denby is a proposal writer at the winvale group focusing on government contracting and federal acquisition opportunities for businesses.

in this guide, we’re going to address the final section of your gsa proposal: pricing. the pricing section is the final and most complex section of the gsa proposal. the gsa co will review the prices of “like and similar” products or services in the commercial and federal marketplaces, particularly your competitors who have previously received a gsa contract. getting on the gsa schedule involves some heavyweight bureaucracy, and the pricing section is no different. ), the product or labor description, and price list and discounts for your mfc/proposed gsa customers.

to support the prices stated on your price proposal template, you must provide documents that detail your publicly-available pricing as seen on the commercial price list (applicable for gsa product vendors), or on the market rate sheet (for service vendors). you use the pricing narrative to show the thought process behind your pricing strategy and to show that you understand gsa compliance regulations, like the industrial funding fee (iff). when you are about to offer services through your gsa contract, you must provide detailed information about the labor category descriptions mentioned in your ppt. epas are negotiated prior to the contract award, and you can select from three methods: responding to the gsa solicitation and preparing your proposal can take up to 12 months. to expedite your gsa contract approval, you should provide a well-thought-out price list alongside the documents listed above. gsa pricing represents a company’s arrangement with the gsa to sell goods and services to any qualifying government agency or department at agreed-upon prices.

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gsa price proposal guide

it’s important to consider the various factors that are involved so that your business can be profitable, but your prices are also fair and reasonable in the eyes of gsa. in this blog, i will give a basic overview of some of the most important factors of gsa pricing and explain how you can establish and maintain your gsa prices. during gsa contract negotiations, the contracting officer reviews the proposed pricing to determine if your prices are “fair and reasonable” based on the products and services previously awarded. the following steps are recommended in the process of establishing your gsa prices. market research is used to determine the optimal value of a product or service and collect information on market trends.

csps are used to determine the customer or class of customers that receive your greatest discounts/prices, also known as the most favorite customer (mfc). while preparing your offer you should include your csp which is basically a list of the customer classes you have sold to within the past 12 months and the discounts you offer them. the price reduction clause ensures a fixed relationship between the discounts you offer to gsa, and the discounts offered to your (boa). since you can have your gsa schedule for up to 20 years, your prices are bound to change. understanding each of the important price factors listed above can help you to create competitive gsa pricing. that is why our team of consultants are always happy to answer any questions and set you on the right path.