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health proposal overview

take a look of the sample proposal. the failure of communities to fulfill their responsibilities in the governance of local public hospital institutions (lphis) in cameroon has resulted in poor governance and a low standard of health service delivery. would make use of communication as a tool for health development to empower the populace of bamenda 2, to become active participants in the management of local health institutions. by mobilizing the public to stand up actively against malpractices within lphis and play an active role in the evaluation of their performances, these institutions would become more efficient, accountable and transparent. the organization can be replicated in health districts all across cameroon.

the evaluation and ranking system can be integrated in the day-to-day operations of staff of lphis including dialogue structures and the district health service. the chair of dialogue structures would compile evaluations, rank lphis and ensure maintenance of the public health platform. use would be made of 2 consultants in the implementation of yhys. these would be persons who have been involved in the setting up of ranking and evaluation systems including client satisfaction surveys in health districts in cameroon. additional tools to be used for evaluation and monitoring (m&e) including questionnaires would be designed by the health and communication consultants.

the international classification serves to record and report health and health-related conditions globally. the inclusion of a specific category into icd depends on utility to the different uses of icd and sufficient evidence that a health condition exists. the revision of the classifications was a collaborative process carried out on a platform hosted on the who web site. the proposal platform has been retained for the ongoing routine maintenance and updating process of who family of international classifications (who-fic) that include icd-11, icf and ichi. the main goal of the mechanism is to allow experts to suggest changes in the who core classifications or enhance their content. the presence or absence of a specific statistical category (“code” or “concept”) depends on the different uses of the classifications.

the proposal platform is accessible via the who-fic maintenance platform, under the heading ‘proposals’ or directly via the links below. the platform is open for proposals and accepted updates, after completion of the review process will be reflected immediately. a proposal should have supporting detailed rationale and cite an evidence base (e.g. the status of the proposal is visible on the platform. because diverse health perspectives and knowledge from every part of the world will build a better classification based on the user’s needs. the input from multiple parties will increase consistency, comparability and utility of the classification. this is a chance to be part of international collaboration that will lead to more consistent and systematic collection of health information.

health proposal format

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health proposal guide

the following guidance may assist you in developing a strong application that allows reviewers to better evaluate the science and merit of your proposal. reviewers will consider each of the review criteria below in the determination of scientific and technical merit, and give a separate score for each. does the project address an important problem or a critical barrier to progress in the field? are the overall strategy, methodology, and analyses well-reasoned and appropriate to accomplish the specific aims of the project?

will the scientific environment in which the work will be done contribute to the probability of success? applicants should look in the funding opportunity to which they are applying and familiarize themselves with the review criteria by which their application will be evaluated. reviewers are accustomed to finding information in specific sections of the application. the thought process of the application should be easy to follow.

reimbursement rates are subject to and determined by the state legislature on an annual basis. while the amounts listed are the maximum rate that will be paid, the usual and customary charge for each service provided should be billed. a cover letter that is on the applicant’s letterhead and signed by an authorized representative of the entity. (note:  prior permission must be granted by the department to use an automated telephone tracking system.) applicants must assure the department that sufficient financial resources exist to provide continuous service to clients of the department.

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