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a request for proposal, or rfp, is a document used to explain the desired project to vendors and request that they submit proposals detailing how they would complete the project if hired. the better the hoa is able to articulate what it needs, which may require research and speak with experts, the better the vendors will be able to address those needs in their proposals. if you have some flexibility in pricing, clearly identifying what the hoa is looking for in the project description, down to the dimensions and materials, will be the most help to vendors gauging the cost of the project. if vendors will be required to visit the worksite to prepare their proposals, the rfp should include a map to the community that marks the specific location of the project.

the rfp also needs to include a description of how proposal submissions should be formatted. this will ensure that the hoa is not swamped with too many proposals to review and that the hoa doesn’t waste the time of vendors who are obviously poor fits for what the hoa is looking for. it takes time and effort to construct a proposal, so the hoa should show that they would be excited to read the vendor’s proposal, that they hand-picked the vendor for the chance to write a proposal, and that they will consider the vendor’s proposal seriously. a comprehensive rfp can help you identify which vendor is the one for your project.

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and yet, you need to figure out which vendor would be a great fit for your association. instead, it’s one that you create to provide guidance to companies who are interested in working with your hoa. a side note – there is one other benefit of sending rfps, and it has a lot to do with the negativity towards those documents i mentioned earlier. specifically, here’s what your rfp must include for it to work and attract the right bids. this is where you specify what needs your hoa expects the management company to deliver.

and this is the section where you can specify what information the proposed vendor should deliver. in the previous section, i showed you how to ensure that you get the best possible bids and proposals from management companies. no, your task is to find a management company that will be a good fit for your community. you can approach reviewing the company’s approach to your rfp as an indication of whether they follow the client’s instructions. the chances are that by assigning a slightly higher budget to this engagement, you can hire the best possible vendor for your hoa.

it can be daunting and take time and effort to find the management company that best suits your needs, but by first writing and distributing a request for proposal (rfp), you’re simplifying the process from the onset. typically drafted by the board of directors or an appointed committee, an rfp is a formal document that requests a bid for management services. the document should include essential information about your community and its needs, expectations, and requirements. creating a thorough, well-written rfp that clearly outlines your community’s desires streamlines the selection process. using an rfp also allows you to set expectations from the very beginning, ensuring a pleasant and productive partnership that will benefit your community for years to come. often, a management company’s website will include a link to request a proposal, and the process starts from there. after you’ve submitted an rfp, management companies will respond by sending their proposals, providing thorough information about their company and a pricing bid for their services.

over the past 41+ years, we’ve worked alongside thousands of communities and have learned that to reap these benefits, the board and management staff must build and maintain a good relationship. with our experience, we created our ebook, “how to succeed with your community management company,” to help your board navigate the ins and outs of working with a professional management company. while the holidays are busy, it’s necessary to keep the magic in the air by ensuring all is calm and bright. it’s necessary to ensure the covenants committee functions effectively to promote harmony and equality within the community. our team shares why an hoa inspection is vital to running a safe and well-maintained community. download our free ebook to learn how the u.s., mexico, and canada say hoa and other hoa terms. capital improvements are a great way to enhance property values and the community living experience. starting a lifestyle program in your community promotes harmony and nurtures a vibrant atmosphere.

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you, along with your fellow homeowner’s association members, have decided that it is time to seek the help of a management company. a request for proposal is a document asking for the proposal of a business that would be interested in doing business with you. an rfp is simply asking the company to give you a long and detailed sales pitch. in the process, you also have to provide them with the information they need to make a proposal that is custom-fit for your community. now that you know the rfp definition, it is time to discuss what you should include in yours. it should explain what your association wants long term — a strategic plan of what you want to get accomplished when you hire a management company.

this plan is particularly important for hoas who are switching from one management company to the next. generally, there are two main parts of an association management rfp: you have sent your rfp, and now, the association management company you reached out to has replied. is this a proposal customized to the needs of your community? if it is, add them to the list of association management companies you will consider. furthermore, having a deadline will show if an association management company is serious in doing business with you by respecting the date and time you have set. they are not just a formality — they are an indispensable part of any community association. luckily, many association management companies like us are willing to help.

did you know that you have a legal obligation to adhere to the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (cc&r’s) of a condo or homeowners association when you move in? with this, you’ll better understand where elements of your yard should be, and whether new features will fit in your outdoor space. these questions will guide you through the process of making a plan of your property as if drawn from a bird’s-eye view. local city and count offices may provide a “plat map.” these maps indicate the dimensions of your property, where your home sits in relation to property lines, and underground utilities and easements. measure fences or property lines, edges of structures, and large trees (rounding to the nearest foot). angles, jogs, and other distinctive features specific to your yard can be measured and recorded in the same way.

step 3: start drawing your property outline and features to scale on the grid paper provided. locate overhead power lines and underground service pipes on your base plan so you can take care not to disturb utilities. step 6: take a walk around and think about which features you’d like to remove or areas you’d like to change in your yard. be sure to make a few extra copies of your base. be sure to check with your hoa about local standards and approval processes, and leave plenty of time for review periods (which tend to average 45 days). your local board may also be able to help you find local professionals to help, as well as offer guidance on government permits you may also need.