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instead of getting caught in a tornado of oh-so-many different files, sending a proposal — a file that combines an invoice and a contract — expedites your booking process and allows your client to quickly review, pay, and sign. looking for a file where your client can select the services they’re interested in, instead of sending them a fixed list? check out how to create proposal templates and send proposal out to clients from your computer.​ ​1. tap the plus (+) icon: just select proposal from the menu, then skip to step 4. you’ll be able to select an existing project to connect the file to, or create a new project! a. no matter where you choose to start, you can always adjust the header image by tapping the image and selecting a new one from your honeybook library, device photos, or by taking a brand new photo to add. tap the back icon to returnto the full proposal. 7.  tap the contract field to open the included contract and make any necessary changes to your service agreement. by tapping the 3-dot icon in the upper right corner.

10.  tap view as client to review how your client will receive the proposal, or just tap attach when you’re ready to send. create a new message by tapping the subject line/email body field and deleting the auto-populated text. select the templates menu at the top of the screen to choose from your existing email templates. to countersign the contract portion, you can simply open the proposal file again to add your own signature! you can: resend the proposal in its original form: tap to open the proposal under the files tab of the project, then tap the resend button. edit the file and resend a new version: tap to open the proposal under the files tab of the project, then tap the pencil icon to edit. check out how to create proposal templates and send proposal out to clients from your computer.​still have questions? feel free to send us a message by clicking the question mark icon on any honeybook page.

honeybook proposal overview

they offer a high-quality solution to a potential client’s problem and present your services as the best solution. with a proposal, you can sell your solution to the client. your clients can easily accept the proposal (or request some changes), and the software will notify you when it’s accepted. you can easily customize your proposal on the platform. you can send the invoice and offer multiple payment options to your clients.

the clients must get the impression that you are approachable and easy to work with. focus on the benefits and value your solution will provide to the client. this allows the client to agree with the proposal and sign the contract. you know that the right branding and marketing can get you better leads and convert more leads to customers. please allow my satisfied customers to speak for the quality of work that i do [link to reviews and testimonials]. with honeybook, you can use proposals to sell your services, while including the contract and invoice at the same time.

and in the description below, you are going to get instant access to this proposal, right within your honeybook account. and then i was using yet another tool to send the invoices so that then my client could send me a check and i would eventually get paid. but first i wanted to tell you about one of my other favorite features that honeybook offers, and that is the communication management between you and your clients. you can customize this as much as you want for each and every client, or just sort of have a boiler point introduction that you use with all of your clients. but since i know sometimes you want to let the client decide. so, i just, again, left this blank for now, so you can customize it to make it however you want it to be. so that way clients can say, wow, this is work they’ve done in the past. you can set a default expiration date, which just gives your clients that little push they need to book with you, and then they can continue on to the contract.

everything that you added here, it all gets pulled over any add-ons that they have that gets pulled over to and shows them a total for the project. and i will always set the pay with auto pay to required in the backend settings of honeybook, which i’ll show you in just a minute. styles and things that you can put in here to, again, show off your work, to describe your values, to put in testimonials, whatever it is. for the contract, you can just come in here and copy and paste your own contract right into this section. over at the top right of this page, i am able to customize the theme of this template and even apply my company theme that i have in my general honeybook settings. and if you have any questions about honeybook or any of the features that i talked about today, let me know in the comments, make sure to like, and subscribe. here, you can include a short introduction to yourself and your business. i also use this section to share a bit more about my business, like past projects and client testimonials. honeybook proposals have improved my onboarding process so much, and i know they can do the same for your business.

honeybook proposal format

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honeybook proposal guide

the business owner or independent provider creating the proposal will deliver it to a potential client with the aim of selling their solution. you would then submit your proposal as part of a bidding process, at which point the client can choose. this kind of proposal may require you to do more research and propose a project which the potential client can evaluate. you may choose to include a problem statement, defining the challenges you aim to address and how they impact the target market.

along with your qualifications, one of the most effective ways to build trust and convince potential clients to work with you is to include testimonials from previous clients. if the client is happy with the proposal and ready to move forward, they can save time by signing the contract directly. you struggle with limited brand awareness, low customer engagement, and underwhelming sales due to the absence of a tailored marketing strategy that aligns with your target audience’s needs. with a range of customizable templates that will fit the business no matter the industry, honeybook users can showcase their skills and present proposals to potential clients. hanna greenman is a content writer, copywriter, and editor from the uk with 4 years experience.

to save you the time and effort of recreating your legacy files as smart files, we’ve already updated your proposal file templates. just as you could with your legacy proposal files, you can easily create simple, beautiful smart files that combine an invoice and a contract (or, just send out one of the templates we’ve already updated for you!). either way, when you’re ready, you can click use template to send the proposal in a project, just as you would with a legacy proposal file. want to start from scratch and create a brand new proposal template in the smart files builder?

as a reminder, the client side of the legacy proposal file has an invoice to review, followed by a contract to review and sign (before paying), followed by a payment page where the client can submit their payment. 6. to fully replicate the look of legacy invoice files, you can also add a header image, with or without your company name and/or logo! honeybook tip: you can also add your logo next to you company name in the header, or add the logo by itself! if you’d like to add a header to the contract page as well, repeat steps 6-10 (above) on the contract page. the result will be a smart file that looks very similar to your legacy proposal files: now that you know how to create a simple proposal smart file, you can start thinking about how to add on and continue to customize your documents in this new smart files builder—and in ways you never could before.