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before you can send your team out traveling, you need to book blocks of hotel rooms for them. how to avoid the hassle of rfps altogether  rfp stands for “request for proposal.” a hotel rfp, then, is a way to let hotels know what you’re looking for as you plan an upcoming stay. next, you’ll need to compile a list of hotels to send your rfp to. start with a geographic search of the area for hotels that could potentially meet your company’s travel needs for this specific trip. for best results, contact all of your chosen hotels directly to ask them where and how to submit your paperwork.

if a hotel can reasonably meet your request and budget guidelines, they’ll follow up with their own proposal for you to look over. once you’ve selected a hotel and negotiated a suitable rate, it’s time to finalize the booking with the hotel representative managing your proposal. of course, you also have access to a faster, easier way to get great group lodging at a great negotiated rate, with white-glove service on modifications that eliminates those hotel phone calls. so if you’re looking for a stress-free way to book groups of rooms at affordable prices without the hassle of rfps, hotel engine is for you. she spends her days writing about all things business travel, researching topics that are important to hotel engine’s audience and cultivating the company’s brand voice.

hotel rfp overview

the rfp is intended to clearly outline everything that the buyer is looking for including meeting space requirements, the length of the event, and the expected number of attendees. by integrating your online rfp solution with your sales and catering system, you can create auto-generated and customized proposals that include group-specific details for the business you’re trying to win. this is why it’s so critical to respond with very targeted and personalized proposals that are written specifically for the type of event the prospective client is looking to host. by fully understanding this group’s needs and expectations based on the rfp data you have preserved, you can create a “trace” in your sales and catering system to follow up with them for future business.

hotel rfp technology and software is designed to streamline the process of negotiating hotel rates between corporate travel buyers and hotel suppliers. in addition to simplifying the rfp process, hotel rfp technology and software can also help to improve transparency and communication between travel buyers and hotel suppliers. a: to ensure an rfp response stands out, the hotel can offer a detailed and personalized response, showing a deep understanding of the client’s needs. the planner can also feel confident that the destination is more likely to respond quickly and fulfill their event vision.

now that hotel rfp management software is more available for hoteliers, the process is becoming more streamlined and efficient. this proposal will outline what the hotel can offer to the buyer based on what was outlined in the rfp, along with pricing for rooms and other services. the goal for the hotel here is to provide a compelling proposal to the buyer and win the bid. by being able to quickly identify the right kind of business for your hotel and being able to respond quickly and efficiently, you will be more likely to generate business for your hotel against the fierce competition. speed, quality, and accuracy is the name of the game when it comes to hotel rfps.

integrating your digital rfp solution with a sales and catering system can help you create auto-generated customized proposals that are catered to group-specific details for the business you’re trying to win. by being able to create a response that is targeted and personalized specifically written for the event type the client is looking to host, the client will clearly understand your hotel’s capability on delivering a successful event and experience. a huge pain point in the hotel rfp process is the management of communication and follow-ups. with all of your leads historically stored in one place, you can analyze the data and identify different opportunities for leads depending on size, seasonality, and event type. with the rfp software, you can easily see the availability of the different properties and refer the party to a different property, ensuring that revenue still remains in the hotel group.

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hotel rfp guide

in the meetings and events industry, a perfect rfp is often considered the cornerstone to improve venue sourcing process and maximize roi. by asking precise questions about services and pricing in an rfp, you can see which supplier is willing to offer you the best deal. when you design an rfp, you should provide all the details for your organization and the particular event you are asking your recipients to bid on. while you’re at it, don’t forget to mention your event objectives and ask the suppliers how they can help you achieve them. in this section, indicate what your catering spend is and the type of refreshments you intend to provide for your guests.

state your requirements for av setup and equipment for the room. compile a list of questions that you want to include in the rfp. it is also a good practice to read reviews and contact references to be sure of your choice. investing in an rfp management solution can be a game-changing investment for you and your team. that is half your event sourcing job done!